Job update

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Job update
Mon, 04-09-2012 - 12:27pm

I just wanted to update everyone with my job status and such, just because we keep hearing on the news that there are so many unemployed out there.

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Tue, 04-10-2012 - 8:49pm

I dunno, I'm the breadwinner and the person who got us into and out of debt, and I wasn't insulted by her statement.

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Wed, 04-11-2012 - 9:45am

Totally agree Mahopac!

Marie, I also found your comment harsh. If

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Thu, 04-12-2012 - 10:01am
Sometimes harsh gets a stir out of the board - this one worked as the board was getting a bit tired.

I am a tough love kind of person, and when pressed if you ask people who have been out of work a long time if they even visit the unemployment office once a week - even once a month - you will be shocked to see they do not. You will see they apply for jobs from a computer, never try to network, do not go to association events, but fully expect a job to come to them. Yes, some do pound the pavement, and guess what, recently those folks have seen success!
That prior poster at age 58 fully admitted not having pursued additional education, nor wanting to, not wanting to stand, and many other issues. They did not address at all what they WERE doing. You find this with people who are not finding jobs, they are concentrating on what they will NOT do, not what they WILL do. I stand by my statement, yes it is hard out there, but if you put in 40 hours a week looking for a job, and look for things you can do, network with people, beef up your linked in profile, make sure the resume has transferable skills, go find a career coach or help at the unemployment office there may be something out there. But if you don't, and find the reasons why not, you will SURELY not find anything.

Oh and please don't just lurk, that is like viewing through a peephole in a bathroom, your comments are welcome here. And stirring the pot is good sometimes.
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Thu, 04-12-2012 - 10:27am

Hello and that would be me.. The 58 year old who feels totally like a loser now..(lol)

Anyway;; You are probably somewhat right.. I probably have done alot more in the past.. I have done the labor office and online and networking and all of that but came up empty.. I do give up from time to time and only because I get depressed and tired of looking.So at times it probably is me but I swear there are very limited jobs where I live. My friend is in HR and special ed. She is 54 and she has been hitting the pavement for jobs for three years.. She does everything in her power to land a job. She has gotten so far substitute teaching and some clerical temp which is better than nothing. I swear she is out there 24/7 looking for work.

It is a vicious cycle and I didnt mean anything bad by saying I had no husband.. I felt like it was an honest statement and didnt mean harm. I was saying that I dont have someone who can help with expenses and that is my life. I didnt think some people would get offended by it.. and its just reality for me and life.

Anyway; Reason I wont go back to school is plain and simple.. I dont need the extra expense and having more debt right now. I try and land training jobs but so far nothing. I do have hope though for finding a job and a husband maybe God willing.(lol)..So for now back to the grindstone.

Thank you .. I do find the posts very

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Thu, 04-12-2012 - 12:24pm

I congratulate you on your multiple job offers, I think that's great. I also think it's great you are considering starting a business geared towards helping women.......I think your knowledge and experience can be very valuable.

having said that, I agree with others that

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Sat, 04-14-2012 - 11:37am

For someone who is such a proponent of "tough love" you seem to be

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Mon, 04-16-2012 - 2:31pm
I went down to the unemployment office and actually tried to help some folks this week. Not one has really been working that hard on the job search when it came right down to it and when I looked at their resumes, they were not hard hitting, and they honestly did not use the resources available to them - I spoke to three people.
I asked the ladies there who do help people (ok they were not the sharpest tools in the shed either, but they were trying) and they indicated that people who had a positive attitude, were willing to move or make some changes were finding jobs right now, she was seeing people get more interviews and there are more listings now on the job boards.

I guess I saw the old adage - God helps those who help themselves.

Yes, people get down, but are these the people who were not doing a great job for their employer anyway? Were they let go because they didn't try to make a difference? Honestly, the three people I worked with, I would have a hard time hiring for anything. Their computer skills were scant at best and computer classes were offered for free. When I mentioned it, they had excuses as to why they could not come in. Excuses don't get you jobs.
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Mon, 04-16-2012 - 2:41pm
No issues taken and I am fine with criticism. I acknowledged it was a tough statement, for someone who rarely ever swears, very tough even. So I went out to a local unemployment office here to see for myself. Very enlightening and from my very miniscule survey, I stand by my original assessment.
I was married for 17 years to a man who lost 15 jobs. It was always someone else's fault. He never could find a job, but when unemployed, he spent almost 12 hours a day in front of the television. Last I knew jobs didn't knock on your door, so this point of view comes from a place of deep hurt for me and I dealt with his BS for a long time until I talked to some of his former co-workers.
I have two kids, one has a summer job, the other does not. Guess who hasn't even put up one resume? The same one that is out of money now and has excuses as to why there is so much to do at college and no time. Hmmm
I did not say jobs were hard to find a couple years ago or even last year, but I do think the tide has started to turn - THIS year, here in the US at least.

Now if you can give me some current advice to get this last 10 pounds off, (after the 80 I already lost the last 2 years) that would really be awesome as I have horrible self control around cookies and Easter candy it seems!
(Have the best marriage in the world now, so I learned on that one.)
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Mon, 04-16-2012 - 3:06pm
I have stayed quiet on this one. But I think I understand what you are saying.

I have a GF52 who struggled finding a job. To shorten the story, the two in a row she ended up getting were not from mass applications or resumes on the internet, but from being on foot and opening her mouth.

They are receptionist type positions with other responsibities that raise the wage. But clearly not where she pictured herself at 52.

I do think there is a lot of truth to your statement.

As my SO always says about himself, "I have a good message, but my delivery needs some work."

I think delivery gets twisted in print sometimes.
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Mon, 04-16-2012 - 3:21pm
Thanks, Serenity, I didn't mean to upset anyone, rile them up to fight again, yes, but not put anyone down. Sometimes we can be so kind to people we feed into their excuses, instead of saying - hey, no more.
If pushed people tend to get the gumption to start to think out of the box, and this economy is taking some thinking way out of the box. You have to realize your job might be GONE - just like the Irish when the potato famine happened - they had to make changes. This is not the first time in history the job market has changed, there used to be a lot of leather shoe makers, or buggy makers, or even ladies in the typing pool.
I am changing what I will do at age 50, and they expect my daughter's generation to change jobs as many as 14 times in her career.
Change it the new reality.