July 2011 Goals

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July 2011 Goals
Wed, 06-29-2011 - 11:21am

Another month is almost over, where does the time go?

I will go find the June Goals thread, how did you do in achieving the goals you set for yourself?

what do you want to accomplish in July? C'mon everyone, newbies & lurkers too!


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Wed, 06-29-2011 - 12:15pm



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Wed, 06-29-2011 - 12:58pm

Good luck Norma! Please keep us posted.

My June Goals were:

* Again, charge only the necessities and pay off in full. This is a big deal for me, which is why I keep making it a monthly goal.

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Wed, 06-29-2011 - 1:49pm

Oh Norma good luck with the appointment and the company dinner and fix ups.

June Goals:

1. Pay for a roof? I don't even know how much it will cost yet. I will be robbing my children's fund(or rather borrowing from it) to some degree. I don't even know how I feel about this venture yet, but it is what it is and I knew, in the back of my mind, it was coming so I just have to deal. I have eight years to build the fund back up. And I won't be taking all of it, just a few thousand. Again, I have no idea on cost yet so I just play back and forth with different ideas and try not to stress LOL!

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Wed, 06-29-2011 - 2:15pm

Norma, good luck with the company dinner and your appointment!


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Wed, 06-29-2011 - 8:41pm

My June Goals were:


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Wed, 06-29-2011 - 9:29pm

My June goals were:


1. Pay off the costs of my CD duplication and 1st months' bills for utilities/cable which is always much higher on the first bill. Officially done by tomorrow! My SO paid for half of the cost of the CD's and I paid the other half.


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Thu, 06-30-2011 - 12:33am
I haven't been posting goals. The last few months have been very hard emotionally and with work, and I am just so thankful I made it. For a couple of months getting myself through my days and eating right was about all I could do. I haven't even been reading or "doing" anything outside of work. I have a couple more days of work, maybe three, to tie up the loose ends and I am off until the last week of August. So my goals for July are:
1. I MUST make a budget. I fell off the two week budget plans I had been doing. I haven't been spending any more than really necessary though. So, first, a budget.
2. To travel as much as I can and spend time with my friends that don't live where I do. To spend a few days in a b&b in a remote place, and just "be" with my camera and journals and books.
3. To make some new friends where I do live
4. To find a new place to live and move asap, though this is a real challenge as I live in a really expensive area with a low vacancy rate. I need to get out of this place that reminds me of my ex and besides, I deserve a nicer place to live. I am so desperate to make this happen.
5. Enjoy myself, live simply, and do it all with whatever money I have...which at this point I'm not sure, but have the idea it's enough. Whatever it is, I will make it be enough.

Once I get through the next few days I am going to dive into the budgeting and planning, and plan my own life.
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Thu, 06-30-2011 - 8:52am

I am like Rebbeca and haven't been doing goals because I felt like I was holding steady and not really making big accomplishments. However, in hindsight I did acheive some things in June. Which were; we paid $800 towards the midwives, got our car loan under 3000 and chopped a entire garage full of wood (but we do need to split it still). We had a hard time putting as much $


student loan paid off 2010

Bathroom remodel loan paid off 2013

Pending Car loan to be paid by the end of 2014!!!!!


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Fri, 07-01-2011 - 4:45pm

i missed june goals,

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Sat, 07-02-2011 - 12:06am

June 2011 goals:

1) Well the temporary pay raise didn't come through and it's not happening...so once again my goal is to pay off our big credit card this month.

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