July 2013 Goals

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July 2013 Goals
Mon, 07-01-2013 - 8:56am

Another new month is upon us! Summer is in full swing!

How did you do with your June goals? Did you set any? If not, join us in July so we can cheer you on!


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Thu, 07-04-2013 - 11:30am


Good progress everyone, and Serenity, be sure you look at all retirement accounts and make changes to them as well as the benefitiaries on each.

So I am back on track and July is my turn-around month.  It has been one year of having my own firm, and this month I finally will be out of the black and able to take a draw in August if all goes well.  I met my business goals in June, which included having some great seminars for women, which actually sold out, so I will have an overflow event in July!!  I really believe I am doing great things for women especially, and it feels so good naturally.  Again, if you do good things for others, and keep their needs and desires top of mind, you will be successful.  

July Goals:

Create a 6 month marketing plan, with education events, and email lists  as well as a detailed budget.

Use July income to pay off:

  • Business coach, postage credit line, new laptop credit (with only one month of interest paid), and reimburse myself for mileage.
  • Have another women's education event.  
  • Spend one weekend at the cabin with DH.

By August:

Pay back the business loan I gave to myself, pay kids college tuition for fall, put back emergency fund.

Bottom line, business is gaining ground and I can see some light at the end of this dark part of the tunnel.


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Tue, 07-02-2013 - 1:18am

I think my June goal was to get back on budget...we got better but didn't do it completely. In fact, we've dipped into our savings by a couple of hundred. Which is rare, I can't remember the last time that happened!

July goals:

- study for next week's job interview

- organize all our papers and move our "office" into the guest room and out of my bedroom!

- update the budget.

- reorganize my kitchen. I bought a new piece and just started stuffing things in there. The buffet got moved into the dining area and it has everyday kitchen stuff still in it.

- work on my tan. (just got home from my brother's place and he is already brown. My sis is too. My family asked me, can you tan? I've spent so much time indoors the last few summers they have forgotten that I have the same skin as they do!!! Sheesh...that is bad!)


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Mon, 07-01-2013 - 6:07pm

Okay, I am back.  

I don't know about a goal just for July, but I do want to declutter the house over the summer and do a few minor cosmetic things around the house.  I need to get back to following Flylady.  A lot I have learned over the years have stuck, but always more work to do.  So much more than just piles of paper, it really does encompass our mind, and our finances.  

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Mon, 07-01-2013 - 4:37pm

You all know I don't really participate in this thread, but it has been so quiet I wanted to chime in.

For July, I am in the painstaking process of changing my last name.  Trying to do everything in a logical order, so SS down, next is DMV, then the bank, then, then, then....

Oops, gotta' run.   

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Mon, 07-01-2013 - 11:18am

Hey everyone. Hope you are enjoying your summer. Happy Canada Day!

Lets see how June went:

So June Goals, 

1. Do a resume?? Its been so long. I have jotted down a few ideas I want on it but have no idea. Marie! Help! Is there something online I can look at ?

I have started this and have the main points down. It does need some polishing though.  Thanks Marie!!

2. Plan an exit strategy. I have started a little but need to speak to my accountant and call a few agencies and make a more detailed list of things I need to do. 

I have sent a detailed email to my accounting asking questions he will need to answer. This may not be something he can just answer off the cuff. It may take some seaching and some calculations. We will get it done but it is started. I hope to hear some answers next this week. I hope it all plays out like I think it will but you never know. 

July 2013 goals:

1. I hope to not have to dig into my emergency fund/sinking fund. It has just been so nice having it through this year but things are getting tight. I sure have not been adding to it like my budget says I am supposed to lol! We will see.  I do start back to work full time in the middle of July. But we have some expenses coming up like getting some beef for the freezer which is a good deal and will be great but some money out all at once. We did take $1500 out of our new house fund which was expected but still hurt!

2.My husband got a new job! I'm not sure if I mentioned this. It will be more money and great benefits (which I would never complain about)but less take home because of the benefits. I think  I need to get job after the store business is wrapped up to make it all work. I will find something but I'm not sure if it is because it is summer or what but there is just nothing available right now. I hope that changes in the fall. So polish the resume and keep an eye out for a job.

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Mon, 07-01-2013 - 9:08am

My June Goals were:

* maybe start painting? I need very dry air, so we'll see if the weather cooperates. and if I have the patience for this, lol  I did not start painting, nope. We have had a long stretch of rain & high humidity. I might have to wait for some nice crisp fall air to do this.....

* Lose 4-5 more pounds I lost 4.4 pounds! woot!

* Add $2700 to savings I added $2525, I am okay with that!

* I may have to buy a car soon. I am so sad about this, I really do not want to. My car is paid off, but having some major issues, just to diagnose the problem is a minimum of $2000, which is not a smart move. So, I will start researching how much I can get for my car and how much a new one will be. :(   so far so good! Thank goodness. I hope it stays that way!

My July Goals are:

* Add $2700 to savings

* make a decision regarding a home improvement project, one of those things you'd like to have & it would increase our property value, but it is not a must have. The money for this has been saved.

* Lose 4-5 pounds

Good luck everyone!