Long Lost- Update

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Long Lost- Update
Wed, 04-03-2013 - 10:55pm

hi dsg!

it's been a long while (just over a year or so) since i last posted here.  been a long overdue return to your ranks.  been lurking for a bit when i have a little free time recently and figured i should say hello.  everything is really going well, we are still repaying our debts and working hard.  when i last posted our balance was right about 64,000 remaining and we were expecting baby #2.  we had our second little boy in june 2012 and spent a lot of 2012 on "pause" for saving for maternity leave and then being on maternity leave.  but we have been back on repayment now for about 6 months and really gotten into the groove again.  our current balance is 41,500.  

we started at 119,562 in feb 2010.  i hadn't done the math until tonight- but we have paid off almost 80k in the past 3 years.  so we have come a long way and i need to remind myself of that often because the student loans we are paying right now have such big balances that there are no little "wins" anymore.  i know i wouldn't have been able to start this journey without this board and i am happy to see some familiar faces still here dispensing amazing advice.  we have been dedicated and motivated for a long time now and i feel like the end is in sight.  just about a year from now we should be making our last payment.  

i hope to have time to post a bit here and there over the coming months.  hope all is well for you!  


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Sun, 04-07-2013 - 2:25pm

thanks all!

karen-  congrats on your baby girl!  that's wonderful.  and your roof loan is really getting down there,  great job!  definitely no back to school plans.  both dh and i have professional licenses so there isn't any need for that.  thank goodness.  once we get the student loans paid, we are on our way.  the home office is great.  all set up,  i can't believe you remember that!  we took a small chunk to do that work 2 summers ago.  i have been back at work since october.  took 14 weeks maternity leave which was so nice.  i contemplated a job change 2 summers ago, but decided against.  the job that i was considering was roughly the same pay as mine now and required a lot of travel which we decided we didn't want with our family plans.  the trade off for it, and i have been learning to make my peace with this, is that my job is with a small firm and pay increases are good, but sporadic.  usually get about 8-10% every 2-2.5 years.  so it can get frustrating because it's not steady (that was the enticement for the other job, big firm, steady raises, etc).  but my boss does right by it and the raises are good for their interval.  my goal is to get a raise in the next 2 months (i am about at the 2 year mark and he said he's working on it).  excited for that!  since we are a small firm sometimes it's feast (like right now) and sometimes it's famine (like 3 years ago). i am definitely happy with what i do, though, and with this next raise it sounds like my boss is planning on me taking over a portion of the office management that he currently does which is a good step in a new direction for me.  i have also continued to take on side contract work which helps boost our debt repayment.  we are not quite at living on one income,  but very close.  i have started looking at our budget for things we can cut down on for the next year to increase our speed.       :)

serenity-  run and hide from the student loans.  run!  good for you not taking any out.  i wish someone had told me how awful they are to repay when my husband and i were basically living on them in college.

norma-  i should see if we can race you to the finish line!  you are getting SO CLOSE!  i can't wait to see your weekly countdown at ZERO!

hope you are all having a good weekend!  getting ready for a busy week here.


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Thu, 04-04-2013 - 4:26pm

Great to hear from you Andi...and you have made soooooo much progress, especially with another mouth in the house. (and we know those are not cheap)  

To often we forget that there is no quick fix to getting out debts paid.  Look at the road I took, it's been a 4.3 year journey that will finish the rough leg of our journey.  Then there is that mortgage we need to finish up.

We have to keep rewarding ourselves mentally that we didn't get into debt overnight and we will not get out overnight.  You are living proof that it can be done with persistance.  

Hang in there and so very glad to see you back!

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Thu, 04-04-2013 - 1:56pm
Good to hear from you! I can't believe it has been a year since you posted last. You have made huge progress! I so appreciate eveyone talking about school loans: a reminder that I DON"T want any. Hope you stick around! Serenity CL Making a Second Marriage Work
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Thu, 04-04-2013 - 9:39am

Hello Andi,

Of course we remember you. Another baby boy! Congrats. I had a girl in July!

Ohhh you have come so far and such an aggressive plan going forward. I know the student loans are hard but once you get them paid off they are GONE. Unless you go back to school but I don't remember you talking about that. 

How is the home office? Did you get that the way you wanted it? Is it nice and functional for ya? Are you back at work yet? Did you have a job change in there too? Or perhaps you were contemplating one? At any rate I hope you are happy what you are doing. 

It sounds like you pretty much live on one salary(us too) and I can't even tell you what doors this open for you once you kick this debt to the curb.

You have come very far, keep at it, visit often and tell us how you are doing!


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Thu, 04-04-2013 - 9:16am
  1. I remember you, so glad to hear from you again. What amazing progress you have made! You should be so proud, and to have had a baby in there too - wow!!

Hope you stick around!