Luxuries that are actually necessities :)

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Luxuries that are actually necessities :)
Wed, 03-06-2013 - 9:19pm

I have been working full time & going to school full time since Jan. I've been able to maintain "family fun day" and the kids haven't really been impacted. I've also managed to continue to get exercise 3hrs/week (I'd like more, but you gotta draw the somewhere!). My Dh tells me that he can't believe how well I am juggling everything...he has barely noticed much difference.

What I've LEARNED through the process is that there are some things I do that helps me and that you may think are luxuries. But for me, in my situation right now, they have become necessities. Here is my list - share yours if you'd like!

- Starbucks. I know it is expensive. But when I spend that much on a coffee, I sip it and enjoy it. Call it Dee's form of meditation. I sit, breathe and sip. I stay in the moment and remind myself that this will ALL be worth it in 2 years. Plus, I have this moment and hey! It's a pretty good moment.

- PRV/TIVO. When I do have some time, I enjoy doing my exercises to television. I know most ppl would prefer music but I get that on the bus & at work. When Biggest Loser is taped (its on when I'm at school), I watch with w/the kids and we time how many situps we can do it in a minute. DS2 is only 2 but he can do ove 40! He hasn't figured out how to do a proper pushup yet tho...looks like the arched cat yoga pose, lol.

- Tablet. I haven't purchased one yet but I am fast realizing it is essential. I use my transit time as study time and I am breaking my back lugging all these books around. You can access all the texts online if you have a mobile device. Sometimes my bag is so full, I don't have room for the all the food I have to bring so I just don't eat. I leave the house at 6:30am and return at I have a whole day of eating to do.



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Fri, 03-08-2013 - 1:37am

I'm not a coffee drinker, but local afficionados of the java bean tell me that the AeroPress, when combined with the right kind of coffee, can yield fantastic results. I've made coffee for my students (who asked for coffee), and they seem to like it. Some of them were former baristas with discerning taste. This may be a little cheaper in the long run than Starbucks.

I probably allow myself too many luxuries...

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Thu, 03-07-2013 - 2:40pm

Well, admitedly I am sticking with my working 3 days a week and going to school part-time, but I can totally see why you are pushing to get done.  I just found out I still have 6 more 8 credit terms before I have a transfer degree.  And this is after Spring that is coming up.  Oh, and I would actually still have one more course to take after the 6 terms.  I could do 12 credit terms, but oddly enough, I wouldn't really shave hardley any time off.  I did find out that there is a state college that offers a business degree 100% on-line!  (If I keep going for a bachelors)

Anywho, I totally get what you are saying.  Definately get that tablet if you can keep your books at home.  Although admitedly it isn't the same.  Some of those texts are HUGE!  I can hardley carry my bag from my car to my office some days.  There is a reason college students wear tennis shoes and sweatshirts!

Funny you bring up Starbucks, because when ever I went to the math lab for a test, I treated myself to fancy coffee at the college.  I figured if I had to take a darn handwritten test, I deserved one!  It really does help.  

So, I say keep doing what you are doing!

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Thu, 03-07-2013 - 1:09pm


I'm impressed!  Once - many years ago- I also worked full time and went to school full time when my girls were young.  I was a single parent at the time (with A LOT of help) from my parents (though I didn't live with them or anything).  I swear I was tired for at least three years after I graduated - lol.  But you sound like you aren't slowing down at all.  Good for you!!

I agree with you about having some luxuries (if you can afford them).  I personally switched from drinking Starbucks to drinking a particularly good coffee from a gas station chain.  I didn't want to give up the coffee habit completely, and making coffee at home just never tasted the same.  Now if I use my own 16 oz cup (which I almost always do), I can get my coffee for $1.04 (and every other week or so I get a text coupon for a free cup).  Yum!

My personal luxuries are related to vacation/travel sort of things.  I find treating myself to a small getaway (even just one night) helps me regain my focus on keeping my spending in line.  It doesn't have to be an expensive getaway; last month I cashed in some frequent flyer points that were about to expire to stay at a hotel in downtown Chicago for absolutely FREEEEE . . . otherwise I love to simply tent camp . . .