Making final car payment!!!!!

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Making final car payment!!!!!
Wed, 07-31-2013 - 10:57am

Yippee!!!  1 down, a zillion more (feels like it sometimes) to go.  And I really only have 3 more student loan payments too.  Unfortunately we had to buy a car this spring because my dh's car died last November so we have another car payment.  But this one isn't as high, and now that the first car is paid off I can increase the car payments on the other one.  I did get a nice raise and my health insurance is sane again so that'll help.  So now I'm trying to wrangle in the credit card debt a little more.  Evey time I do that something else happens. Something else DID happen (our house got hit by lightning almost 2 weeks ago) but besides the $1000 deductible insurance should cover the rest.



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Wed, 07-31-2013 - 1:01pm

Hit by lightening?  Goodness sakes!

But yea on the car payments being gone.  That is huge!  Especially on something that was collateral, and now its not!

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Wed, 07-31-2013 - 6:30pm

Congrats! Nothing feels better than paying something off. I'm not sure it matters what it is. Although it is a little sweeter when you have something to show for it! :)

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Wed, 07-31-2013 - 8:15pm

Yeah on the car payment being gone!  

Have you considered taking that payment and putting say two payments in the bank as a reserve fund in case you need car repairs, or other emergencies?  The idea of paying off the other car is a good one as well.

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Thu, 08-01-2013 - 8:37pm
Happily, I'm finally able to build the emergency fund back up. I put in a big amount several months ago and am adding another big amount (from the rest of an inheritance) this month. So now we have 2 months EF with the goal of at least 3-4 months. And like I promised myself, I closed out IngDirect (which got bought out by evil Capitol One) and moved to Ally Bank. Ally Bank is actually GM FInance so I'm happy to support the American car industry. My dh has started a fund so he can buy his "next" Mac as he knows by next year the ancient laptop will probably not be functional anymore and even his iMac will start to lag.