March 2014 Goals

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March 2014 Goals
Fri, 02-28-2014 - 8:24pm

Hello all new & returning DSG people!

Did you set any February Goals? Please share with us how you did and all your accomplishments! 

Didn't set any goals in February? Tomorrow is March, what better time to start? 

Share with us what you plan to take care of in March, we'll cheer & support you! 

Good luck everyone! 

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Fri, 02-28-2014 - 8:43pm

My February Goals were:

* Figure out the car situation. Is it definitely totalled? If so, I need a car. what am I going to buy? How much out of pocket will I be spending? Hopefully not much.  OK, situation has been figured out. My car was a total loss. Gone forever, just like that. I am a very lucky girl to have what few injuries I do.....A new vehicle has been purchased and will be paid in full as of next Friday, 03/07. I did have to pay about $2500 out of pocket. To offset this, I will be getting a refund for the extended warranty I had purchased (first time ever that I bought one of those), so essentially, it will end up being $1000 out of pocket. I thought this was fair, but still -  just adds to this whole frustrating situation. 

* Lose 3 pounds Miraculously, I did lose 3 pounds exactly. 

* attend 5 fitness classes. I have a foot injury as a result of this car accident, so I am hoping it heals quickly so I get back to my exercise.  A bit of a reality check here, per my doctor I had to stop all activity and just spoke to her again today. She said I can start out slow & add steadily, if I feel okay. Well, I started walking tonight at the mall, I could only do 8 minutes before I got a headache and lightheaded. wow. before my car accident I was doing high impact/high intensity exercise 4-6x/week. this is something I was not expecting to be an obstacle, so thanks for listening, I guess I am just venting. Again though, I still feel extremely lucky. 

* add to savings - $800 more to home repairs, $1000 to Christmas, and if possible start funding my ROTH IRA. I added the $800 to home repairs, decided to not add anymore to my Christmas fund and put the ROTH on hold for now. 

My March Goals:

* Pay off balance on car, I put this on a credit card so I could take advantage of my reward points. $4600. some of this is getting paid off from the settlement on my other car. Out of my own pocket will be about $2500, and then I will get $1500 of that back eventually, as I mentioned above. 

* Lose 3 pounds

* as mentioned above, I put funding the ROTH IRA on hold. I decided to start saving for a new roof instead. My goal is $14,000. ouch. So far, I have $2000, and this month I plan to save an add'l $3000

* Continue adding to my activity, today I could only walk 8 minutes, by the end of the month I plan to be able to walk 30 minutes. darn it! 

alright, so let's hear it, what are you doing to do in March? 

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Mon, 03-03-2014 - 8:03am

Glad you are able to be more active Dollar. I know you have really enjoyed it!

Lets see how feb went:

Feb 2014 Goals:

1. Make some progress on taxes with getting forms from my accountant. I paid some more bills for the store(yes I am still closing it out, and I will be for awhile still!!). Keep it going anyway and do as much as I can. I need to figure things out with my personal taxes and hope it isn't more I have to pay than planned..

I did get the form from my accountant on Friday!. I sat down Sunday and did and intial organization, but more is needed there. My husband needs 1 more form, then I think we are ready to file. I hope I don't have to pay more than I think I do.

2. Keep progress going with the house and quotes--the basement is important and windows next I think.If we could more quotes that would be great.

We received more quotes and asked for more quotes. We have decided on the big cement one and will get more quotes from other contractors so far. I have made many more color decisions and purchases more things for the extra bathrooms I needed and started on the bedroom look. Things are coming along here. Oh and got those kitchen chairs. Major purchases over on this front I hope!

3. Complete and pass my course for work. 

I completed the couse and did the test. I hope to have learned I passed it by the end of the week or early next. I'm sure I passed, I just don't think I did as well as I wanted to. 

4. Two birthdays this month here. Keep it in check for spending!

This was fine. We did not go over board at all! And very fun.

March 2014:

1. Continue to add to my home purchases, bathrooms, pillows etc.Just little things I hope. Plus we hope to decide on most if not all of the other contractors.

2. Pass my first course and start my next one.

3. One more birthday this month!

4. Hopefully start taxes!

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Mon, 03-03-2014 - 4:34pm

I didn't have February goals here per se but we put a chunk of $ towards our car payment and our CC that had accumulated a little after our car was stollen (long sory). Now that we have the CC paid off we saved 2000 to go on our road trip to Florida. We will be leaving the mid/end of March and will be gone for 2 weeks. 1/2 the time we will be driving and sight seeing along the way and the other half we will be at my Uncle's house and sight seeing around Tampa. Our goal is to not go into debt on this trip and keep our spending on track.


student loan paid off 2010

Bathroom remodel loan paid off 2013

Pending Car loan to be paid by the end of 2014!!!!!


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Tue, 03-04-2014 - 4:31pm

March goals...let me see........tap, tap, much "pending" in our household, that I'm not sure I can commit to anything.  So here's our dilemma(s)  - Plural!!!!

We are DONE....yes Finished, completed, finally, any way you want to say it, with our Chapter 13 Bankruptcy.....BUT....1)  The trustee has not told my employer to stop sending my checks!!!!!   Hello!!!!!  I've not drawn a paycheck in four long years...I'd like to keep that sucker!   2)  I've not received our tax refund, which was NOT suppose to be sent to the court, but I'm sure it was anyway because it should have been here by now.  So $471 is hanging out in no man's land right now. (probably sitting on someone's desk in the trustee's office) 

Hubby's employer....  OOPS!  Can't type those words on here or I'll get my hand slapped by the board cops.  Here's our dilemma(s) Plural!    1)  They are behind about $600 in expense checks, nothing new about that, they are terrible when it comes to being tardy.  2)  Rumor has it he might not get his bonus...rumor only we hope (paws crossed)  The bonus is due by 3-31-14. Tap, Tap, Tap.  3)  Found out today that they are withdrawing the money from his payroll account for our "Flexible Spending Account" for medical related expense (not taxed) by they are NOT making the deposit with Blue Cross Blue Shield.....I'm getting ANOYED!

We are "impatiently" waiting on a phone call stating a certain date that something "B I G" is going to happen.  I've hinted in the past.  This put ME in a holding pattern for turning in my last day of work. Tongue Out

I am filled with so much stress, no that's not the right word, anticipation.  The natives are getting restless.....Oh boy!