May 2013 Goals

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May 2013 Goals
Tue, 04-30-2013 - 11:04am

Hello all, can you even believe tomorrow is May 1st?

Share with us how you did on your April Goals, and what do you plan to accomplish in May?

Share with us, so we can offer suggestions and cheer you on!




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Mon, 05-06-2013 - 2:36pm

My May goal is to pay off three bills.  

1) Dental expense not covered by insurance, part of my cleaning & re-glueing hubbies crown.  Why don't dentist stand behind their work?  $73.00 

2)  Unexpected vet bill for one dog $380.00   OUCH!

3)  I owe my employer $97.54 and should have most of this gone by the end of the month.  

May is going to be a tight one.  Hubby's company is behind on expense checks again.  We could really use that $600 plus they owe him.  :(  

I just want to finish up May on a positive note with no extra bills hanging over me.  

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Tue, 04-30-2013 - 3:49pm

Lets see how April went...

April 2013

1. Complete taxes. I hope we get a refund but I really have no idea. I hope we don't have to pay!

All done. I will believe the refund when I pick up the cheque from the mail and cash it for the refund.

2. Put extra on the roof loan.

This was accomplished! $500. Its going down!

May goals:

1. Get some answers on a project money wise and information wise.

2. Put extra on the roof loan if I can.

3. Get outside and enjoy my family, and sleep better.

Good luck with your May goals everyone!

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Tue, 04-30-2013 - 11:18am

My April Goals were:

* Start carefully spending the home improvement savings. I have been shopping for some living room wall decor for 3 years, haha, and have finally found what I was looking for. So far, $35. if this is what it appears to be, more spending to follow. I would also like to get some estimates for some yard improvements, patio, shrubs, etc I bought two more items to finish up my living room decor mini-project, total was an add'l $110. I have a call into a landscaping company, so I'll have a better idea of cost there in a week or so.

* continue my weight loss journey - I'd like to kick another 4-5 pounds to the curb.  I lost 3.5 pounds in April. I am happy with this! It all matters :)

* I have some CC debt from work, and some misc expenses that need to be paid off. I should be able to get this reduced in April.  I got this amount way down, yay!

* Weekend away, have some fun and keep costs to a minimum. The weekend away was pretty good, not as much fun as I had hoped haha! Costs were minimal, dinner out 2x, about $90

My May Goals are:

* get final cost for landscaping improvements. I have no idea on this one, so I am ready for anything. Once we get some pricing we can decide if we can do everything we want, parts of it, none of it?

* Start a painting project, about $200? This will also come from the home improvement fund.


* lose 4-5 more pounds

* begin adding to my savings account. I am aiming for $2200.

Good luck everyone!!