Monday Morning - A quick hello

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Monday Morning - A quick hello
Mon, 11-28-2011 - 2:33am


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Tue, 11-29-2011 - 10:20pm

Hi LB,

Thanks for sharing and your sage advice to think twice before shopping - helpful.

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Tue, 11-29-2011 - 3:41pm

Bless you for taking care of your uncle!

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Mon, 11-28-2011 - 10:28pm
Your a sweetheart little...

I'm glad your uncle has you for help.

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Mon, 11-28-2011 - 2:49pm

Bless your heart LB for taking time to take care of your uncle the best you can....{{{{{HUGS}}}}}}}


"Patience is the best remedy for every trouble"- Plautus

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Mon, 11-28-2011 - 8:44am

Good morning. I have been feeling very stressed out myself and am dealing with anxiety attacks and insomnia. I am going to my doctor tomorrow to see if he can help with that. I do not deal with this kind of stress very well and it has hit me with a hurricane force for the last several weeks.