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hi all I am writing this just to write I guess. I am having so much trouble with the car and the credit union.

I knew at some point a couple of years ago that the day would come where we would need a new car Our old car was paid off but it was like 14 years old. So I started saving in our auto account for a downpayment for a new car. or a low milage used one. When my feet and legs got so bad it was a real pain for me to get into the old Ford Raymond and I talked about what kind of a car to buy.

Raymond even had to admit at one point that it was getting hard for him to lift the wheelchair out of the old Ford's trunk because it was a trunk that was deep. He had to lift up and over to get it out.

So I took my saving around 5600.00 I had been saving a couple of years. And he took the old Ford. We or He went out and bought a 2009 Fusion with 7500 miles for 18,000 dollars Most of those model was going for at least 23,000 in our area. We thought that we had made a good deal and even today I believe we did.

Because I figured I would be the one dead before it was paid I was the one that told Raymond to just put it in HIS name I was trying to be a good wife and save him some probate trouble and all that. Raymond was never really good at paper work except for the taxes Funny how you think when you have Cancer all over your body. For those who don't know I have CLL blood cancer. I was suppose to be dead at least a couple of years ago.

Ok to get back to my sad story. After I got to Texas I called the credit union to tell them Raymond was dead. And since the checking account was set up with me first and him second They unfroze the checking account without any problem At least that is what they told me over the phone. Now it seems there is a WATCH on the account. If they feel that a check or an ATM looks funny I will lose the little money I have left in the account.

When I called them about the death I ask what they would do about the car payment They said no problem they would take it out of the account on the 24th as always. We have around10 payments into the 4 or 5 year loan. I have no idea what the balance is on the car because they will not tell me. The 24th came and went on the 27th maybe it was Raymond;s ghost that told me to check. They had not taken out the payment. I called them They said they had no plans to take out the payment. because the car was in his name. So I said I want to make the payment What are you guys planning to do set me up for missing payments so you can come and get the car. The woman said well we can get some agency out there in Texas to pick up the car.

I have a judge at probate court signing off that the car is mine But

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I'm so sorry about all this, Mary Ann. I am speechless, and I don't think there is much I can say that would give you any comfort. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.

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Thanks for sharing Mary Ann.

Sorry things are so messy for you, but eventually it will get straightend out.

I am curious, although I know state laws vary, but did you two have a will? It sounds like you did not.

Always willing to learn lessons from others!

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What a horrible mess.


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