My Update - accountibility

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My Update - accountibility
Wed, 04-25-2012 - 9:40pm

I just have to say this stuff out loud to hold myself accountable . . . any feedback/advice would still be appreciated. . .

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Thu, 04-26-2012 - 1:08am

Wow, your numbers and what you have accomplished in such a short time is impressive!

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Thu, 04-26-2012 - 1:40am

I have to agree with the PP; kudos!

Keep on keeping on and don't forget to reward yourself along the way. You deserve it.

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Thu, 04-26-2012 - 5:22am

Wow, you have made incredible progress!!


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Thu, 04-26-2012 - 9:26am

You have made amazing progress! You should be proud.

Do you mind if I ask what your plan is for when the house sells? After your mortage is paid, you will have a decent profit, Are you going to rent, purchase another house? just curious.

good luck & congrats on your plan!

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Thu, 04-26-2012 - 11:09am

Wow you have done so well. Your plan sounds like mine. I want to be in a certain place by a certain time but there are so many plusses and minus that could potentially happen you really don't have the answers lol. That is the frustrating part. However, with these types of plans a person tends to weigh heavily on the minuses and it tends to work out. The plusses just become bonuses.

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Thu, 04-26-2012 - 12:48pm

Thanks for the encouragement and validation!

Kate- you're soooo right . . . an emergency certainly could throw off my plans.

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Thu, 04-26-2012 - 4:21pm
Sounds like you are doing great! I do hope you are allowing for some small rewards along the way.

Since your DH co-signed for student loan, you are in a bit of a spot on that one. I suppose it depends what your agreement was with your DD to begin with.

Has anyone sat down with her to help her with a spending plan?

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Thu, 04-26-2012 - 8:51pm

Great progress there, bumbling! It takes discipline to put away that much money, and I applaud you for it.

I assume "rice and beans" is just a metaphor. But if that's all you've been eating, it's time to diversify and acquire a more balanced, healthier diet!

It sounds like you have more battles coming up: your house, your DD's debt, etc. We'll be here and stand alongside you!