October Goals

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October Goals
Mon, 09-30-2013 - 11:06am

How did you do with your September Goals?

What do you plan to accomplish in October? Come one, come all! share financial, personal or whatever goals you'd like so we can cheer you on!



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Mon, 09-30-2013 - 2:01pm

Oh I hope lots of people post!

Lets see how Sept went:


1. Get all my close out procedures done for the store, and pay all my bills with the cash! Help the new owers adjust if/when they need help.

This is really coming along. It is not finished yet and it won't be for over year. I have to go through 2 year ends. One is really soon and one will be this time next year. I would say it is about 75% wrapped up now but some of it is hurry up and wait, so one day at a time with the rest.

2. Keep looking for a job. I have applied for a few things and might have something casual lined up but it is not for sure yet. I am still looking.

GOT ONE! Starts the middle of Oct!

3. Join a yoga program in our community. It is  $40 for 8 sessions so I thought that would be alright and get me out of the house. Oh wait, its on Tuesday nights and doesn't start until Oct. I might be able to work, I'll see.

This not going to happen. I will be working some evenings and I better not. I won't be able to commit and I will want to spend the rest of the week nights with my family if I don't work those evenings.

Oct 2013 Goals:

1. Pay property taxes, all saved in our sinking funds(best idea ever those sinking funds)

2. Stop  the extra spending(we got new smart phones and bunch of other things in Sept), stop the bleedng. But i need new shoes for work as I will be on my feet a lot, so after that lol1

3. Cook from scratch and eat better. Lay off the eating out!

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Mon, 09-30-2013 - 2:26pm

No September goals (or August, or July or . . .) so I'll keep it fairly simple with October.

Get my consumer debt down from the current amount (~ $36K) to under $10K. My house sale goes through next week so I will have the proceeds to pay off as much as possible :) I can't wait to get settled in!!!

Bex -

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Mon, 09-30-2013 - 3:37pm

My September Goals were: 

* Lose 4 pounds I lost 2 pounds. Still happy with any forward progress!

* Pay extra towards my car loan, as mentioned above I did pay $3200 over and above the payment due.

* Finish up some home improvements projects, schedule fall maintenance - Furnace cleaning, chimney cleanout, etc  I have the house power washing scheduled, the furnace maintenance scheduled, firewood has been delivered, chimney doesn't need to be cleaned this year, irrigation system is scheduled for shut off. I think that covers it. Prepping for the coldness......

My October Goals are:

* Lose 4 pounds

* Pay extra towards car loan

* start the holiday prep. get a shopping list together - names & ideas

* research and get at least 2 more roof estimates, I have one verbal quote already. Not sure if this is a 2013 or 2014 project. 

* I have a week's vacation scheduled. First of all, I just hope that it happens. If it does, keep spending in check, yet - have a great time. I can bo both :) 

* Finish up preparing for a November girls weekend, figure out budget

Good luck everyone!  

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Mon, 09-30-2013 - 4:31pm

September Goals were:

1.  Get DH's child support completely caught up.  Got this done!

2.  Work on getting the grocery bill and eating out bills down by 10%  I still need to evaluate and see, but I do think we brought it down some.

3.  NO credit card spending at all.  I did put one small thing on it, but made an extra payment on it to make up for it once payday came around.

4.  I would like to implement a no spending day for me at least once a week.  I have been successful once a week for the entire month.

5.  Keep up with ringing my breakfast and lunch to work at least 3-4 days a week. Done

6.  Not a financial goal, but I want to start the cross fit class that they offer in the building across the street (for FREE) during lunch time and do it at least 2-3 times a week.  Also done, its usually 2 times a week, but I did get 4 days in one week and 3 days in one week. 

October Goals:

1.  Get ODD's car fixed and look at changing insurance coverages.

2.  Put $100 a week into savings envelope towards replacement car in the spring.

3. Get through both parents visit weekend and company beach weekend with minimum extra expenses.

4.  Continue one day a week no spending days.

5.  Continue ringing my breakfast and lunch to work at least 3-4 days a week.

6.  Continue with at least 2-3 days a week attending lunch time cross fit class.

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Wed, 10-02-2013 - 9:40am

Wow, can't believe it's October already! Where has the time gone???

September goals were:

Pay of DH's Loan - DONE!

Buy Diaper Bag - DONE! My mom actually funded this and a few nursing bras as her gift for baby, so I got an AMAZING diaper bag, which should stand up for a long time. 

Pay $150.00 on CC. This did not  happen, but I'm ok with that. I am mildly hopeful that child support will pick up regularly now, and perhaps I will go back to working soon as well. Either or both would make a difference.

Put $200 in saving. Again, this did not happen.

Have a baby! YAY! This has been accomplished! We welcomed Kaeli Gracelyn on September 23rd at 9:35AM. She weighed in at 8 lbs, 3 oz, 21 inches long. She is the spitting image of her 4 year old brother, and an amazingly good baby! We are nursing, and it is going well, so that is a relief. I should know later today if she is gaining weight back, as she dropped quite a bit right away.

On to October Goals!

Pay $125.00 on CC.

Put $200.00 in Savings.

Determine a path for work. Is the old job going to be able to bring me back? Are we shooting for a new job? 

Execute path for work.

Continue breastfeeding.

Lose weight. (No specific amount just yet. Waiting for a plateau after having baby.)

Enjoy Birthday, just a little!

My list feels long this month, but I have felt stuck in limbo for so long, between work and the drive to lose weight. Both were hindered, for obvious reasons, by pregnancy. I have about 85 lbs to lose total, but expect some of that to be easy. And work is hard to find when you are as big as a house expecting a new baby! All good things, but I am ready to get down to business now. 

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Wed, 10-02-2013 - 5:29pm
Racerchick, just a thought, don't try to actively lose weight while BFing, you can easily make your milk production take a nose dive, both through not eating enough and exercising too much! BFing will definitely help with weight loss, but don't be afraid to eat when you are hungry since you need the nutrients for the baby also.
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Thu, 10-03-2013 - 2:15pm

October goals are going to be very difficult for us but should be accomplished so holiday season doesn't put us even further into debt.

1) Pay off school taxes with actual cash and NOT from our line of credit (this will require selling alot of items on ebay and craigslist which we are able to do but I really have to PUSH myself to get it done. 

2) Look into getting a credit card solely for our ebay business.  Right now, the funds and expenses are intermingled, because we never thought our business would take off so well and so quickly.  There's a price to pay for success though and now all our money is mixed up.  BAD....

3) continuing with #2, to separate our personal money from our business money


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Thu, 10-03-2013 - 3:08pm

Tracy, I can appreciate your concern. I am not doing anything to lose weight at this point. I am eating when I need to, and doing everything I can to take good care of myself. I know that I need to eat well to make milk, so that is the most important thing right now. I am just trying to eat as healthy as I can. :)

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Thu, 10-03-2013 - 4:16pm

Here were my September Goals:

September Goals:

1) Save $400.  I don't think I can squeek out anymore than that.  


2)  Watch my money like a hawk.  Stop loosing littles bits here and there.  

Still need to watch more.  Even though I pack my breakfast & lunch, I tend to go to stores to kill time & buy nail polish, makeup ...etc...   NEED TO STOP THIS!

3)  WATCH MY DIET...after loosing 25 lbs.  I get this God aweful report that my cholesterol has sky rocketed !!!!!!  I've been eating sooooo much healthier and my rate is over 307??????  Husband dropped by a ton...WHAT!!!!!!  Recheck in three months  :( 

Trying very hard to be a good girl.....the next three months with holidays will be hard.  I am keeping my weight off!

4)  Continue counting my blessings on getting this Chapter 13 Bankruptcy behind me for good.  Have I mentioned that before.......Money Mouth

WEEKS TO GO  ....20 ...did I say "TWENTY" .....YEP...ONLY "20" WEEKS to GO!!! .... Balance $10,594.00  Wink

BTW....who besides me can believe it's October and fall of the year already...yeepers...where has this year went?

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Thu, 10-03-2013 - 4:22pm

October Goals:  

1)  Save more  

2)  Start a Christmas list  

3)  Cook some budget stretching meals that are also healthy.  Explore more veggies for yummy soups.

Do I dare start a "TO DO LIST" for next March????