One less gift

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One less gift
Thu, 11-10-2011 - 9:15am

The Christmas

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Thu, 11-10-2011 - 9:45am

We done this in a verable agreement two years ago w/ my husband's sister & spouse.


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Thu, 11-10-2011 - 9:45am
We really don't buy for friends, don't exchange with anyone but my parents and the kids on my side of the family and just do DH's parents and her sister's family - not anyone I want to stop buying for because I totally enjoy it.
We also have a ton of experiences with them every year, so time is the only thing we would need to have more.
Research shows that even kids remember experiences over stuff from their childhood so it sounds like a good idea if you have people you really don't want to have on your list anymore.
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Thu, 11-10-2011 - 10:31am
Wonderful idea, thanks for sharing!
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Thu, 11-10-2011 - 12:25pm
That is a neat idea!

My family is small, and don't do any extended giving, so although I don't see myself using it, it is still a cool idea.

I tried to propose drawing names for at least us 5 "adults," but that didn't fly with my mom, either.

We did take homemade decorated cookies to the homeless under bridget last Christmas. Some church happen to be there serving dinner, so it worked out good. I still don't know that the kids "got it," but I hope it is a memory they will keep.

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Fri, 11-11-2011 - 12:47pm

I love this idea Stacy!

We used to gifts for our circle of friends. That was stressful and expensive enough but, when all of us had kids, it became insane. Finally one year we decided to do an outing together instead. We take all the kids to Zoo Lights, have hot cocoa and have a nice evening together. It's something the kids talk about all year and we're all making memories together. So much more fun than stressing out about gifts!