One Positive Thing

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One Positive Thing
Tue, 03-26-2013 - 11:11am

I think we need a little boost here.

If you would like post one positive thing you have going right now with your finances it might inspire others. Maybe you have always had it and maybe it is new but lets have a listen.

I am glad I started my RRSP in 2009. I had never had a retirement fund in my adult life until then. It isn't much at all right now but it so inspires me to keep going. I hope this whole saving part of my life is so much better and longer! than the debt repayment part(apart from the mortgage which will be ongoing for a long time).

Love to hear from all of you!

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Fri, 03-29-2013 - 10:34pm

Ah, I forgot to ask her to pay! I guess I'll have to bill her now? Hee hee!

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Fri, 03-29-2013 - 3:20pm

This thread is a good idea.  It seems like we all need a boost lately.

Every week lately I'm feeling frustrated and poor . . . but when I look back on our progress since I joined the board 18 months ago, we really have made fantastic progress paying off $41,447.40 of debt and saving $18,412.00 (when we had been saving a BIG FAT $0 per year for years). So really this is AMAZING progress if I do say so myself.

Oh and my EF is back up to $1500 . . .whew!

But I guess we didn't make this progress without a lot of daily sacrifices, so it makes sense that I feel really poor every week.  I have to remember to look at the long term instead of feeling sorry because I can't afford spurge on little items as we go. 

And Poorboy . . . I don't think "hot date" counts as "financial" progress . . . unless, of course, SHE'S paying - lol.

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Thu, 03-28-2013 - 3:47pm
Good thread! Positive for me is the road DH and I have traveled on the last 5 years - yes, I have been on this board for 5 years now! We have paid off over $100k of debt, and I am doing work I love to go to every day. Not having as much debt gave me the gift of choice, and that is PRICELESS! (Sorry Mastercard.) -MV
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Thu, 03-28-2013 - 12:53pm

Progress, not perfection.

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Wed, 03-27-2013 - 9:45pm

Two words: hot date.

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Wed, 03-27-2013 - 9:12pm

Love to get some positive vibes going around here!

One positive thing - I live below my means. In doing so, I can create opportunities for myself and take advantage of savings, retirement planning, some planned fun spending.

I have to add one more-just 10 years ago my  financial situation was desperate. I was working three jobs (90 hrs/week) and stressed beyond belief. Not only has my financial burden eased since then, but I love being able to make the best decisions possible, not necessarily having to choose the only option available, because of my financial situation.....I don't know if that makes sense....

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Wed, 03-27-2013 - 10:45am

Putting away $200 a mth will add up, our ROTH is now at $17,000, & we've gotten there at $200/mth increments!


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Tue, 03-26-2013 - 2:55pm

That life can exist without credit.  I've do so for four years.