One purchase leads to another

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One purchase leads to another
Fri, 01-10-2014 - 8:21am

I must I get it.

When I was first on the board, we had an old vehicle and a very old house. I didn't understand all the people in debt with credit cards. I had no desire to fix my old cars and house or buy things to make my house pretty.

Guess what I want to do buy buy since we purchased the house and the scary part is, we aren't even in it until June or July. There is this home decor part of my grocery store and I visit it all the time looking for deals. I have a bin at the house for my new house treasures. I have found a bunch of new tea towels on clearance, a new shower curtain etc etc etc. I have never had a brand new kitchen and I will have more bathrooms now. 

Plus....we bought a new tv at a boxing day sale. We have promised ourselves a new couch and love seat. We only have love seat right now we got for free along the way. Plus... I have never had 4 matching kitchen chairs and we will have an island that needs bar stools. One thing at a time!!!

Oh my this is going to be an expensive year. 

Not to mention all the things I will need when we move in there I don't even know about yet.

Must sort out my wants and needs!!

I get it now, I get it. I must figure out how to do this without going bananas and getting into credit card debt. I do have points on my grocery card I wil try to get odds and ends with. I actually have a lot of points. Perhaps if I get groceries with it once I can afford the bar stools or something. I must think outside the box here. I just don't have the time to shop for this. I must have my sister in the city looking for things for me!

has anyone purchased new or just gotten a new house to them and how did you handle this new feeling?


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Fri, 01-10-2014 - 9:28am
Yep, I definitely understand! Even if its not necessarily new. We were planning on selling the house in the near future, and we ripped up the carpet last May and put in wood floors as part of the fixing up process, well, 7 months later, still don't know when we are selling the house, but the wood floors, with a high ceiling, means an echo that is driving me nuts with 2 kids, so I am constantly watching for deals on a big area rug to put down, and my feet hurt more now walking around it, so slippers are a must! Luckily I got those for christmas, but still, the little thing add up fast!! When we moved from Michigan to Texas, the apartment we were in didn't have room for the dining room set I owned, so we eventually sold it. Then we moved into our house and didn't have a dining room table for a long time, which sucked with kids. I finally saved up and bought one at Ikea, wasn't great, but we made due. DH bought me a really nice, real wood one at a garage sale, its in great shape and has a leaf in it for when we have company, but the chairs, so hard to sit in, still waiting on chair cushions... I figure it would cost me as much to make them as it would to buy them, and eventually I'll save up the money to buy them.
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Fri, 01-10-2014 - 10:09am

I totally see where this can lead too....EASILY!  But you have the right approach.  Separate the wants from the needs.  I'm sure you have already though of this, why not buy second hand, discount shops, or rummage sales this spring.  Make you list and challenage yourself to really think about the purchase before you make it. 

We are due a big bonus from hubby's job this spring. As you know we have put off maintenance issues on the house for a very long time.  I have tackled a few, but the list is long and expensive.  We are doing the same thing.  We are putting together a list of the must do's, the can wait a while, and this can be done a lot cheaper if we approach it this way or that.

Think outside the box!

Best of luck!!!!

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Fri, 01-10-2014 - 5:52pm

I totally get it!  Doesn't have to even be a new house or a move.

DH purchased some furniture that was delivered right before Christmas.  Then you start looking at your end tables and lamps.  Then you start looking at your dinning room table, microwave cart, etc. etc.  Our new furniture takes up more room, so we lost the use of sentimental table of DH's.  So, table goes into kitchen as a dining room table, but the chairs are not usable and our current ones don't match.  We were wise enough not to run out and buy new chairs.  Repurposed the shelf the microwave was on, but now microwave is on the counter.  Is a new cart a need or a want, that's what I want to know!

We have held off purchasing anything else, but your eyes do start to wonder.  Regardless if it is a need or a want.  He is kind of kicking himself a bit on the furniture purchase, but it is what it is.  

I will sometimes bring something home, and not open it and leave all the labels or tags on it.  I may not have slept on it before making the purchase, but I will sleep on it before using (or wearing).  

So, my advice is to keep receipts and don't open anything yet.  Then when you do, you can do it in good conscience.


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Fri, 01-10-2014 - 5:55pm
I remember when my parents bought their first mother took a pottery class and made lamps, learned how to hook rugs, embroidered curtains for the kitchen, painted odds and ends of furniture pink and white for my bedroom....she was so talented and our house was so unique. I am a big fan of estate sales...where people are selling a lifetime of belongings rather than 'clean up the clutter' yard sales where the selection might be less. I would also chek Craig's list and the 'items for sale' section of the local paper. Do you or anyone in your family sew? Curtains are easy to make and if you watch for fabric on sale, you can do well...the fabric for my living room drapes (three five feet windows) cost $5.00...yes five costs me more to get them cleaned each year (hint, buy washable fabric...but these are heavy and keep the cold out). The little things will add up.....window shades,curtain rods, waste have a lot of time to watch for deals...just set your budget and remember that using credit adds to the cost of whatever you buy....
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Sat, 01-11-2014 - 3:38pm

When we purchased this place, I knew we would need some money set aside. I included $10K on the purchase price/closing costs to decorate/set up. The square footage was double and I learned the value of organizing in the midst of selling the condo. Just $900 on that condo and we had a new floor and a place for everything. I said to DH, why didn't we LIVE like this instead of just doing it for show?? So I was determined to do that to the new place and live a neat & organized life. Well...2 kids later and it is a ongoing battle...but I save up, pick a room, set a plan, wait for deals and then do it top to bottom.

Right now DS2 doesn't even have a bed. We have a loft bed for DS1 and he sleeps under it. They both love the loft bed, we have decorated it and it has lights. But I just didn't feel right about my son being on the floor. So for $200 we are going to BUILD a bed (a modified bunk bed with storage), get a new mattress, paint the room AND make a fort & slide! Do we have the tools? Not really. Do either of us have wood working experience? Nope. But we've learned we can muddle through and figure it out. And we'll save a bundle of money now and every future project this experience teaches us :)

I would hold off on buying too much and just start saving the money you are spending. You never know what you REALLY need until you are there. Do look at free stuff on freecycle and craigslist, there really are treasures there!