Oye! Spent Last Night in the ER

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Oye! Spent Last Night in the ER
Sun, 01-22-2012 - 7:06pm

Just venting . . . so frustrated . . .

I was finally (finally) going to have a weekend without any cash flowing out of my hands . . .

Then WHAM, BAM . . .

Stupid kidney infection (I swear I have the WORSE immune system EVer.)

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Sun, 01-22-2012 - 7:29pm
So sorry to hear it! Coming from someone who also has the worst immune system ever (in the last 12 months I've had bronchtis, pneumonia and a chest infection) I've found oil of oregano helps a lot! My friends swear by it and I thought they were nuts, but since I started taking it, I haven't been sick once (despite some big cold and flus going through the office!!)
Either way, i'm glad it wasn't anything serious!!

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Sun, 01-22-2012 - 10:44pm

Sorry to hear of the kidney infection. Take care of yourself. You're getting some rotten luck, aren't you? Hope the bills aren't too high. *hugs*

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Mon, 01-23-2012 - 1:41pm
Hope you're feeling better soon! That Murphy strikes again! Shoo, go away Murphy!


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Mon, 01-23-2012 - 2:09pm

Thanks for the kind words.

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Mon, 01-23-2012 - 8:23pm

Glad to know you're on the mend!


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Mon, 01-23-2012 - 10:10pm
I'm sorry to hear this. :( Last year I had a huge leg infection and ended up in the ER for two days. They had to unexpectedly do surgery to drain it, put me on an IV the next day then I had to have home health care for the wound for two weeks. It was really painful leading up to the surgery, but had no idea it would be that paid. I'm super thankful for my health insurance, but still needed to pay $500 out of pocket. I hope you are ok now. These surprises are not nice or fun. :(
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Wed, 01-25-2012 - 10:26am

So sorry to hear about your health and the ER trip, yuck. :( I hope you're feeling much better and that the bills don't end up being too outrageous.


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Wed, 01-25-2012 - 11:10am

Thanks everyone!

I'm finally feeling much, much better today.

Really it's just a very small bump in the road.