Past, Present and Future: What is your VISION?

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Past, Present and Future: What is your VISION?
Wed, 01-02-2013 - 4:07pm

Many of us have been here a while, and some are new members. Sometimes it helps to motivate us into future goals if we reflect a bit on our past, then look at where we want to go.   So instead of the normal "goals for 2013" I would like to challenge everyone to look further.

Studies show over and over again that those with firm goals, tend to achieve more than those who do not have any goals. 

My husband and I have been doing a lot of goal planning, not just this year, but our entire time together.  Personally, I have always been a very goal oriented person, maybe too much so as I know that if you really want to give God a good laugh, just make a plan.  But recently my husband attended a wonderful leadership course and learned about VISIONING - or really forming a vision of what you want your future to look like, starting with a "proud list" or a list of accomplishments, envisioning a future, sharing the vision with those around you and then creating a plan to allow the vision to come to life.  This is not just a vision for the next year, but more of a vision of what you see a decade from now.  We are working to find that vision together and mine really took a huge step last year as I took a huge leap toward my ideal career.

So to do this, start with some simple questions:

1.  What am I most proud of?  What are your greatest accomplishments, skills, hobbies, interests, etc.

2.   Now sit back and close your eyes (after you read this entire step, of course.) If you were to have a twin, who would leave earth and go for a space ride that took 10 years, then could come back and knock on your door to face you one decade from today, what would you be doing?  Where would you live? How would your life look? NO, how would you in imagination wish your life looked?  Put that vision on paper, or share it with us if you so dare to do so.

3.  Who do you need to share your vision with?  (Spouse, Significant other, parent, co-worker or boss, or employees?)  Are you open to input on the vision?

4.  What is standing in your way to initial moving toward your vision?  What can you list as goals for 2013 to move toward your vision (besides creating one to begin with.)


Tips:  When times get tough, keep going and sticking with your vision.

If the vision is no longer sound, it can be revised, it is a vision, not a photo!

Share your vision with others - it makes it more real!!





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I tried a test post to make sure I didn't have issues..and even though it worked I still lost my post...grrrrrr...but this is such a great topic I am trying again. 1.i am most proud of the fact that I live totally independently. I put myself through college. No one has ever needed to help me out..people have helped me, but not because I needed it. I am extremely organized and I have an excellent memory. I write well. I am goal oriented and I honor my commitments. I am generous and I am thoughtful. I like my body..not that it is perfect but I work out regularly and i am happy with my appearance and fitness level for my age. 2. In ten years, I will be retired. I have a home on Cape Cod for the summer and in Tampa for the winter. I frequently host my family for fun get togethers. I have a piano at both homes, and I take lessons and I practice. I work out three to four hours a day...Zumba, swimming, weight lifting, even a little running. I cook healthy meas and I spend a lot of time walking on the beach. I volunteer with the Historical Society, and I participate in a Literacy program at a local school. I read a book a week. I travel a few times a year, to explore cities in the US and Europe. I have the super duper cable package so I can watch Boston sports team wherever I am in the world. I write a log or whatever the equivalent technology is to share my happy retirement years. 3. I don't need to share this with anyone but I am happy to be sharing it here. 4. I need to work longer to save more money. I have to be brave enough to play piano where people might hear me. I have to put myself out there to volunteer. I have to stay healthy. What I could do this year is start to look at Florida Real estate, and sock cash into my retirement fund.