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Tue, 12-04-2012 - 8:30pm

GRR I hate that I continue to go back and redo my budget over and over again!! It is working for me but I just get tired of it after afew months and think I want to do it differently! I think it drives my husband even more nuts I have gotten to the point where I don't even tell him anymore because he doesn't seem to understand why I would work for hours on a budget and change it so soon again! Does anyone else do this? I am a snowflaker and it works wonderful if I would just leave it alone  and let it work!  Sorry this was kinda a vent about myself. 


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Tue, 12-04-2012 - 10:51pm

Hi, Mandy!  My budget is a work in progress.  I rework it almost every day.  Don't worry too much about reworking means it is on your mind and you probably won't be making big spending mistakes.  Good luck to you!  Littlesbigs 

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Wed, 12-05-2012 - 6:51am

I edit my budget each month so it is more accurate. I always make the same but DH does not, so I have to change the expected income and then adjust the expenses to either decrease amounts or choose an item to pay heavily on or put extra into savings. It just has to meet the basic expenses and be aligned with our income.

I have tried doing a yearly budget so each month is the same and then you have the money available when a yearly bill comes along or when a twice a year bill is due; but, our income isn't that dependable so it just hasn't worked.

I did invest in The Budget Kit, a nice book about budgeting. Well worth it if you can find it cheap!


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Wed, 12-05-2012 - 11:19am

Control-freaking over a budget is kind of a waste of time (which I think is what you're saying).  SPENDING changes over time, but a budget is meant to be a guideline.  Have you tracked your spending for at least six months?  If you have, then you should be able to budget with some degree of accuracy. 

Remember you have to have some flex in your budget too, or money management will be a continual frustration and occupy too much of your energy.  You really shouldn't have to think too hard about where the $5 for an Advent calendar or the $1 for the kid's pizza party is coming from.

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Unfortunately budgets need adjusting. As soon as something changes in your life, more income, another expense or adding something you hadn't thought of before that you spend money on the budget must bend. If it was a set in stone thing it wouldn't work for anyone.

I have a few budgets going all the time, even if I think something might change or I want it to change. For instance, I had the current budget and then I had a budget when baby arrived. Now I have the baby budget and   budget for when I go back to work. I have another for when we get a house and the estimated mortgage we will need to cover. 

What you have sounds like a spending plan and they are different but get you to the same place. Telling your money where you want it to go and that is the key here.

Good luck with DH!

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I'm tired of putting money in savings, only to continually turn around and take it out for food or gas.  So, I'm changing my budget.  I'm decreasing what I'm putting in savings and the Christmas club and putting more into the household budget.  Prices are so high on food and I burn diesel, so that is currently $3.86 a gallon, so my fuel bill each week is about $70.  Hubby is home for the next month, so food budget will be higher and then decrease when he hits the road again in his job in January.  

Budgets are made to be adjusted...and apparently broken time and time again.

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Yes, when you are in the "learning" stage you will constantly have to go and tweak your budget. I change my monthly estimates to actuals as soon as I receive the necessary information. My utility bills are never the same every month- but I know them within 5-10%. DH makes a different amount every pay cheque.

I have a budget of 2 years mapped out on excel. As I change anything, it automatically updates other amounts or totals. But it would be impossible for me to accurately forecast that far into the future. But I can estimate within that 5-10% accounting for inflation.

Just think about the fact that if you were NOT paying attention then you would be sure to spend way more. And feel hopeless bc you wouldn't know where your money was going. But there is no reason to get upset about it? Why are you stressing about it? Is it bc you don't have enough $ to cover everything you want? Or some other similar reason? If so, then a budget can only help you take control :)


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Sun, 12-09-2012 - 6:57pm
I am in the midst of redoing my budget too. At a basic level it has been the same for years, and I have just updated the salary and expenses as they have risen, but I felt like I needed a bigger shift for me in how I pay my bills with each check so I am trying to consolidate some things, increase what I pay. I am going to test it out in January and see how it goes. Good luck with yours.