Saturday morning

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Saturday morning
Sat, 11-23-2013 - 7:05am

HELLO!  I am tryng to move towards thriving each day from just slogging thru each day............still not having any fun.

I am still working on finding a job.  At first I thought the hunt was going well, but actually, it is very slow.  I alo have realized that I have to update my resume even further than I had thought because times have changed, and requirements are it was only 6 months ago where I thought my resume was pretty good.  I'll be working on it this weekend.

It is HARD to have to find a job while trying to do primary caregiving.  OMG. It takes a lot of time away from the hunt.  Every time I take my uncle to the doctor, it is always a 4 hour ordeal no matter how far or close the doctor is located.  We are now having orthopedic issues with his knee. At some point way down the road he will need a knee replacement.   I need a NIECE REPLACEMENT......I'm worn out, too!!!!!!! 

At this point today, I am caught up with the bills, and although the debt total has gone nowhere, I am current........OF COURSE, I had a disaster 2 weeks ago and had to buy a new laptop computer...I paid cash for it....but I sure would have liked to keep that money in my pocket!!!

I am uncertain that I will be working anytime soon. This is a lousy time of the year to find work, but I'll keep at it.  This week with the Thanksgiving holiday is in my ponion a LOST WEEK in regard to my job hunt.   UGH...........I had hoped things would move along more quickly.  One of the thing that has REALLY upset me is that The last company I worked for as a contractor has a company policy to not give references.....I was SO DISAPPOINTED to find that out.......and the situation I worked in the company before was in a flat structure so that I don't have a lead coworker at the next level for a reference..............I have done the best I can to this point.  At some point, I expect someone will hire me, but right now I am in that stage of complete uncertainty.  I don't like it.

I was makig a little progress while I was on my last assignment with paying down the debt, but I had a to make a medical purchase that set me back a bit.  UGH............  Well, I'll hang in there.

I'll be going to the gym and cleaning house tonight.  I could NEVER get to the gym when I wa working this summer, so I am trying to make it my new job to exercise as much as I can now.  I am starting to see a little bit of a positive change.  Just a little.    (When am I ever going to get over the "hump" and have a real chnage with everything????)

Have a great day with no new debt!!!!!!!  Think positive!!!!!  Be grateful for what you already have!


PS...I did turn down a job this week becaue the travel distance was too far.................what a bummer..


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Mon, 11-25-2013 - 12:11pm

I am with you on just be grateful to not have new debt.  Sometimes status quo is better than digging.  I also think sometimes we forget what we have paid off when focusing on what we haven't paid off. 

Hang in there!!!  Oh, and I gave up on medical ever being paid in full.  It is just a monthly expense as far as I am concerned.  Helps with the mental part of it.