Saturday morning

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Saturday morning
Sat, 07-09-2011 - 6:49am

Hello from the land of confusion and frustration.......a lot going on right now that I am not going to talk about now, but not happy, and it's new stuff.....


For now, I can at least say that my wagon is back on the road, and it may be moving ahead just a little.... I BUDGED IT...............ha,ha,ha......................sorry, just needed a bad pun right now.I think I need more gas for the engine, and I need a bigger engine, but I had

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Sat, 07-09-2011 - 7:13am
How exciting about the windfall and that you almost have one of the cards paid off! It must feel fabulous!!

Oh boy, I wonder what teenage culture is like in 2010's? I'm woefully out-of-touch with that sort of stuff and admittely have never heard a song by Justin Beiber!

Have a great day!


empty purse

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Sat, 07-09-2011 - 9:50am

Enjoy the outing.

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Sat, 07-09-2011 - 10:34am

Oh congrats on the windfall and your decision to pay off debt with it! I know you had been parked on the side of the road for quite some time, this must feel really good. I hope you get that one card paid off soon! And of course because the amount is lessened the interest will be less so you can apply more of your payments to intererest if you keep paying the same. I am so happy for you.

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Fri, 07-15-2011 - 12:39am

Dear Kellie,

Thank you for the compliment!