Saturdy Morning

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Saturdy Morning
Sat, 11-02-2013 - 9:00am

Hello!  I expect to around a little more because I need to get my butt back in gear.......You all inspire me!

Since I last wrote a long time ago, I was laid off from my job then found a new contract job shorly after.  The contract ended Haloween, so I am unemployed again.

I am still taking care of my uncle alone.....I am BLESSED that he can afford assisted living, but I an CURSED that I have NO HELP.  There are things assisted living will not do, so I have to do IT ALL by myself.  I had a conversation last week with a family member where I begged for help, and she flattly refused to help.  She had a myriad of excuses why she would not help, and I won't talk about that now else I will end us screaming in all capital letters for pages and pages.  He is starting to have larger problems again, and I am worried I will be sucked into taking care of him full time and not being able to find a job because I won't have time to look.

The debt situation remains the same.  Ugh.  I will just say I am keeping up on payments, and somehow it is what is for now.

I'm hanging in there, but frustrated.

More soon.......the juicy details.....LOL............Littlesbigs



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Sat, 11-02-2013 - 10:26am

Sounds like you have it rough, don't worry too much, as everything will pan out in time.


I'm Jason and I would like to invite you to SFI.  If your a stay at home mom, a little extra income is what you need.  Start making a second income from home, plus it's FREE to join.  I will help you succeed, see you there  Smile

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Sun, 11-03-2013 - 10:32pm
I still can't believe that no one is stepping up to help you at all. That is so sad. But I really think you should prioritize your job search! You can't let this impact your future. So he can't walk...cant' he stay in bed for an hour while you do an interview? I mean...really? Or maybe you can do something on your own for own and set your own schedule. Hugs, Dee
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Mon, 11-04-2013 - 10:54am
Hi Lil, Great to see you. I am glad you are keeping up with your minimums but how long will that last if you don't have a job? I am sorry about your uncle. That is terrible no one will help you. Come here for support, we will help you!!
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Mon, 11-04-2013 - 11:08am
Sounds like your life has remained as tough as it was. It must be no fun at all to look after your uncle while looking for a job. Having no security, and yet having to care after someone. Are the people around you giving you enough support?

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Mon, 11-04-2013 - 1:44pm

It is soooooo good to hear from one of my old old favorite DSG buddies!  Missed you!

I'm so sorry to hear of your job loss and that you still have the duty of Daughter in charge of Uncle.  There has got to be some sort of support for you and him out there.  Keep looking and keep trying to see if you can wing some health from a group.

Hope all else is well with you.