September 2013 Goals

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September 2013 Goals
Thu, 08-29-2013 - 12:00pm

Hello all!

September is just around the corner, what do you plan to accomplish? Please share so we can cheer you on!

Did you set goals in August, let us know how you did with them?


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Thu, 08-29-2013 - 12:10pm

I did not post August goals, but the main was was to get our IRS bill paid off and we did that.

So, for September:

1.  Get DH's child support completely caught up.

2.  Work on getting the grocery bill and eating out bills down by 10%

3.  NO credit card spending at all.

4.  I would like to implement a no spending day for me at least once a week

5.  Keep up with ringing my breakfast and lunch to work at least 3-4 days a week.

6.  Not a financial goal, but I want to start the cross fit class that they offer in the building across the street (for FREE) during lunch time and do it at least 2-3 times a week.

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Thu, 08-29-2013 - 1:07pm

awesome goals Tracy! So glad you're back, you're a valuable contributor to the boards :)

My August Goals were:

* lose 4-5 pounds, coming up on a year of my weight loss journey. I lost 3 pounds in August and I am fine with that :) One year ago I weighed 59.2 more pounds than I do right now. I am so thrilled with this!

* Pay off above mentioned home improvement project that ended up being bigger & more expensive than originally planned  Project is paid for now, and we are thoroughly enjoying it!

* I had major car problems as well, and made the decision to buy a new car. My first payment is due at the end of August, my overall goal is to pay this off as fast as possible. Loan be gone!  I made the first payment, and starting next month, I will be snowballing to this loan.

My September Goals are:

* Lose 4 pounds

* Pay extra towards my car loan, as mentioned above

* Finish up some home improvements projects, schedule fall maintenance - Furnace cleaning, chimney cleanout, etc

Good luck everyone!

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Thu, 08-29-2013 - 1:59pm

Well, not much progress this month. My child support has suddenly stopped and things are getting squeaky tight. Arg! We are scraping just to put food on the table at this point. As well, school started and football season is in full swing, so I swear, all I have done is run kids back and forth from one thing to the next. I also threw a garage sale, had two family reunions, and two court dates.

August goals... Hmm, let's see.

Finish buying the last couple of school supplies. DONE!

Finish buying baby things needed. FAIL. Still need a diaper bag. The high chair will have to wait for now.

Pay off CC - $350.00 to go! No extra to this. FAIL. (maybe if child support arrives someday.)

Pay off DH's Loan - $125 to go! No extra to this either, but the last payment will be made in September.

Put $200.00 in savings. Again, FAIL. UGH. 

Declutter bedroom to make room for crib. FAIL.

So, overall, August was one big fat failure, but my calendar was completely full. It seems my to do list changed last month. Hoping things will start to settle down for September. Baby is coming this month!

September goals:

Pay off DH's loan.

Buy Diaper Bag.

Pay down CC by half. ($150).

Put $200 in savings.

Have a baby!

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Thu, 08-29-2013 - 3:51pm

Hi all!

Racerchick! You are having a baby, August was not a fail! It doesn't sound like you went deeper into debt and are keeping current on things. So that is great, ease up girl! And a diaper bag is just a word. I bet you have an old shoulder bag you could use. Just keep lots of wipes and receiving blankets to lay the baby on when changing. You do not need a high chair right away either, but you know that.

Now lets see how August went:


Just get this store sale over with. One more month. Then figure things out as to where I am and what we are really spending with me not working. I might have a better idea of where things stand in the fall after this sale is completed. Try not to worry about it too much until then!

Ok 3 more days until the sale!!! I'll keep you posted, perhaps on Monday!


1. Get all my close out procedures done for the store, and pay all my bills with the cash! Help the new owers adjust if/when they need help.

2. Keep looking for a job. I have applied for a few things and might have something casual lined up but it is not for sure yet. I am still looking.

3. Join a yoga program in our community. It is  $40 for 8 sessions so I thought that would be alright and get me out of the house. Oh wait, its on Tuesday nights and doesn't start until Oct. I might be able to work, I'll see.

I think that will keep me busy for September!

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Thu, 08-29-2013 - 4:17pm
Good point, Galstorelady! And I know you are right. I just didn't hit my goals. Good luck with the transition from store owner to the future, whatever that may be! I just hate not being able to make more progress on the finances.
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Fri, 08-30-2013 - 10:37am
I agree with Karen....ease up on yourself. Try hitting some yard sales for the diaper bag or second hand stores or make one!!! Can you sew??? I've seen some great designs on Better Homes & Garden site that you could make a larger version of for a diaper bag. Or a large tote bag like the canvas ones at the grocery store but decorate it with baby stuff! Be creative...think out side the box. Pin rattles or use fabric glue to decorate with bids..etc. You can concentrate on paying off the CC after the loan payment is gone. I'd believe I'd try to do the savings first! Good luck with the new addition and keep us informed :)
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Fri, 08-30-2013 - 10:53am

Here's August:  

1)  Save at least $600 and at $400 in September to make my baby efund and PRAY it stays put.  

2)  Get the papers signed or nearly ready to sign on our refinance on the house.  All is going well.  

3)  Keep working.  Health is a little quirky right now.  My pacemaker is having to work 75% of the time, I'm still working 40 hours a week and commuting 6 - 7 hrs. on top of that.  To say the least, I pooped.  Looking forward to slowing down next Spring.  

Here's a summary of how I did:  

1)  Almost.....$100 short and that's all my fault for $5 - here....$10 all sneaks away from you before you know it.

2)  Still working on the closing.  Darn Bankruptcy attorney took a week of vacation right when I needed there help!  I'm still not going to freat over the small stuff.  Maybe the rates will not go up if I miss the Sept. 6th deadline. I'll still be saving a lot of $$ and years off the mortgage anyway.  

3)  Got another bad report from my doctor  :(    I'm now on another pill....up to 11 a day now.   After a long discussion my husband is on board 100% for me to stop working in March and do some traveling with him and help him at home with all his computer work.  He may be up for a promotion and raise.....paws crossed.

September Goals:

1) Save $400.  I don't think I can squeek out anymore than that.  

2)  Watch my money like a hawk.  Stop loosing littles bits here and there.  

3)  WATCH MY DIET...after loosing 25 lbs.  I get this God aweful report that my cholesterol has sky rocketed !!!!!!  I've been eating sooooo much healthier and my rate is over 307??????  Husband dropped by a ton...WHAT!!!!!!  Recheck in three months  :( 

4)  Continue counting my blessings on getting this Chapter 13 Bankruptcy behind me for good.  Have I mentioned that before.......Money Mouth

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Sat, 08-31-2013 - 10:10am

I did not meet my savings goal, but I'm not unhappy about it.  Of course the ideal would have been to accomplish both the savings AND my much needed car repairs, but for what it's worth I'm very happy with my choice (and my ability to do it without credit.)

September's goal:

Land one new complete design client.  Two would be ideal, but one would be enough to take the edge off any money worries.

Put back 25% of my income for taxes.  I'm behind, and don't want to make it any worse.  Of course, bringing in a new client or two is crucial in meeting this goal because putting money back is that much less I have to pay for my bills/expenses.

Put back 5% just because.  I know it's not much, but it's better than nothing.  And it's a start in getting that emergency fund going.

Budget more strictly and stick to it.  I'm two weeks into that and it's going well.  

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Sun, 09-01-2013 - 12:17am

I have not made goals for a few months, but I need to get back on track :)

1) Finally get house panted...we have had the paint and other supplies for months, but hope to have this complete by Labor Day.

2) Pay down $400 on Best Buy Credit Card

3) Pay down Discover $511

4) Save ALL extra money coming in for January trip to Germany.

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Thu, 09-05-2013 - 6:43pm
Sept goals: Pay off Property tax 462 put 500 in savings and pay down tire account. my personal bills are paid off working on business bills now. Mostly credit accounts for parts and land contract for the commercial property.

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