So Mr. Murphy, we do not like you and wish you really would go away :(

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So Mr. Murphy, we do not like you and wish you really would go away :(
Wed, 02-08-2012 - 11:10pm

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Wow, what is up with Mr. Murphy? Why is he so active latetly?

Sorry to hear about your transmission. I'm glad it's somewhat worked out, with your uncle finding you a good deal. It must be very useful to have an uncle who is a mechanic! I was telling my coworkers just yesterday that I,if I ever get into a relationship, I'm going to try to aim for a mechanic or a dentist!!

How nice that you can see the silver lining that the transmission blew now (before the baby is born). I can't really see a silver lining to my problems yesterday , although some kind person did find my bus pass on the street, called me and delivered it to my office! I was so happy and felt lucky that this kind person found it!


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Oh my and I'm sure the hormones raging through your body did not help this situation! So glad you got your tax return and did have to go back wards. Best of luck! Take care of you and baby!

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Sorry to hear of the car trouble, Jen. I understand how stressful it is when you depend on the car for everything. It's not even like a horse that you could eat in times of famine if it dies all of a sudden.

Kate, I'm so glad to hear that you got your bus pass back. I'm not sure whether you got it back in time to save any money, but at least on the return trip today you won't have to pay cash.

I don't know what it is -- the number of posters sufficiently large to cull enough stories of misery, the mysteriously sychronous "down cycle" of life, the machinations of Old Man Winter -- but DSG doesn't seem to be doing well. I hope luck takes a kinder approach to us all.

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Oh, Jen...I'm so sorry.


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My SO just put out $625 today to have his transmission worked on. If it goes out in the next 6 months, the $625 will go towards a rebuild. ($2,600...ouch)

But yea....we all know eventually these things are going to happen. Last refund was a new water heater and paying off a crown. It is always something.

You are right, God always provides.