Spending Medical $$

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Spending Medical $$
Fri, 07-27-2012 - 3:13pm

In May, the Bankruptcy trustee ruled that we could keep DH's small bonus of $2,242.31 IF we spent it on Medical or Dental expense "post" the court date.  With all my medical bills from my heart, physical therapy & an allergic reaction to some medicine, I used almost exactly half.  DH had 1/2 of his dental work done.  There was not enough time or money to do all of his dental work.  The dentist thinks that he can re-fill some teeth on the other side and that would work for couple of years.  But, we have used all the dental insurance and the bonus money.  So any more dental work will have to be scheduled after December, IF he can wait that long.   DH did go have an eye exam and purchased new glasses out of his pocket.  I am turning his eye doctor bill for $65 in to the trustee.  Surely she will not object to an eye exam as part of the expense.  DH had not had an exam in over four years.  He was well over due.

Long story short, I have all the receipts and copies of bills to turn in by August 30th, except for a visit I have this coming Tuesday for a re-check on my heart.  That co-pay is $50.  Don't get me wrong.  I'm proud to have had the money to pay the medical bills, but down deep there is a part of me that really wanted to put that money back for hard times in an emergency fund.  But, I have been able to build up a little savings and I will be able to put back even more the month of August.  It's sad that we are allowed to get raises, which his company will not do because they want them to make additional money by sales commission vs. payroll raises.  DH is doing extremely well in his sales and more than likely will get another bonus if the year continues as it has.  We will more than likely have to give up that bonus if a valid reason cannot be given to keep it.  The attorney charged $420 to go back for this past request to the trustee, so I resent having to pay that much in a fee just to keep $2,242.  But I was willing to fight, no matter what and we did win.  It's just sad to see all that money gone so fast.  Wish I could have held on to at lease 1/2 of it.

What's that old saying, "Easy come, easy go" ?  Good Bye bonus money!



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Fri, 07-27-2012 - 6:18pm
You are soooooo close! I know it sucks but at least the costs are covered! You are doing great!

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Fri, 07-27-2012 - 7:03pm
With my health, I always think that I either see doctors now or see them somewhere down the road, and I'll have to use my emergency money anyway. Money is never really ours.

I hope your husband's teeth will hang in there until next year. We really need our teeth. I'm in a similar spot. I'm hoping my crown will last until next year, as my dental insurance has been maxed out this year.

Another week closer to freedom, Norma!