For Those Who Don't Believe in Using Coupons

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For Those Who Don't Believe in Using Coupons
Mon, 05-13-2013 - 4:16pm

I have to say, I get flack from people who constantly tell me that coupons don't save you money . . .

I think people just have preconceived notions about what "coupons" are and are not.  They are NOT only for prepackaged food.

For example:

Auto Parts - As I mentioned hubby is doing some car repairs last/this weeks. He needed a new transmission in his car, and when he went to order the parts needed he asked if there were any coupons or rebates that parts store people knew about.  And it turns out the store is trying to promote their online business by offering online coupons if you order online.  So they ordered the parts H needed and put them in their store stock.  Then H ordered them online and requested to pick them up at the local store, and he applied the coupon.  Long story short, he saved $50 on one order for $150 + $50 on another order (for brake repairs on my car) for $180.  The store employees were more than happy to help H with this process - in fact, they got credit for promoting the online sales.

Prescription Med - H needs a procedure done and the doctor's office gave him a rebate form for $20 off a prescribtion he needed.  The prescribtion was $70 out of pocket minus $20 rebate = $50.  H asked the pharmancy if there was anything further available to help with the cost.  The pharmacy ended up remembering that they  actually had coupons from the med manufacturing that would cover the full cost for H.  So, that's a $70 savings.

I LOVE coupons. 

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I completely believe in using coupons . . . I just don't get any good ones! I've seen my family in the US go crazy with coupons but here they are so little that it doesn't seem worht it unless its something that I know I am going to buy anyway! All in all I'd say they worked out pretty dang good for you!

Bex -

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in pays to ask!  I've got my husband trained to ask for discounts a lot more.  He's finding out that it pays off.  

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I use coupons. I don't buy something just because I have the coupon for it, but if there is something I need, and I can save $1 or $0.50 with a coupon, why not? In most cases, though, the savings will be modest. 

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I had fallen out of the coupon habit, thanks for the reminder, Bumbling! -M
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I pull out the coupons in the weeklies when I see something I use and need. But I have been lazy about searching out coupons. Definitely time to get back to that.


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I think coupons are wonderful if used wisely.  Jim Bob Duggar always asks!