Time is flying by

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Time is flying by
Thu, 10-24-2013 - 10:49am

Only 17.45 weeks times $518.00 a week equals $9,040.00.  I cannot wait for these giant payments to end!  

This has been an interesting week.  First, we got an escrow refund of $1146.00 on the refinance of the home loan.  So I put it in savings.  I now have two good savings accounts.  One for Christmas shopping and an GOOD emergency fund.  Paws crossed we can stay out of it!  

Second, hubby is in Germany!! He's due home Sunday, making this an 8 day trip.  I've been extremely lonely.  I guess it's knowing he's more than 3,000 miles away, not just in another state in the USA.  Who would have thought that after all his ups and downs in the job market in 2009 that he would end up with a company that truly appreciates his work.  He's up for a change next year that can only be good news for us and allow me to stay at home for the first time since we married in 1978 and give my health a break.

For the first time in a long time, I feel like things have finally turned around for us.  I am very gratful, but this has all been due to our hard hard work.  I think we have earned a little break in life.

How many ways can I say.....LIFE IS GOOD!!!! :)

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Thu, 10-24-2013 - 12:16pm
I love hearing your updates Norma!!!
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Thu, 10-24-2013 - 8:16pm

So inspiring!! Love it!

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Fri, 10-25-2013 - 10:11am

Ah, Norma, I am so glad for you!  How wonderful to hear that your husband's job is going well, too.  Even though I don't always post, I always enjoy reading your updates.


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Sat, 10-26-2013 - 7:29am
Norma I'm so excited for you. 17 weeks is nothing and will fly by so fast. I hope you have something special planned for that first week when you don't have a payment!! Perhaps a nice dinner out with DH to celebrate?

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Tue, 10-29-2013 - 3:48pm
Or a trip with him somewhere....Oregon or Canada? Gotta get my pass port!