Off Topic...Yay FALL...what do you love about the change of season...

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Off Topic...Yay FALL...what do you love about the change of season...
Tue, 08-21-2012 - 10:33am

I had to wear a light sweater on my walk to work this morning...possibly fall is right around the corner!!  We live in Northern Wyoming so we really see the change in all 4 seasons.  Love the color & smell of the leaves changing in fall, boots & sweaters, a fire in our fire pit outside & smores, halloween, DH hunting means time to myself YAY!!!


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Ahhhhh.......chew!  That goodness for allergy meds.  LOL.  I LOVE the nip in the air.  It was 53 degrees on morning here in East TN.  August temps have been wonderful compaired to July's.  We've been in the 80's in the day time and 50 or 60's at night.  We could use a litle rain. 

I'm looking forward to fall temps, football, but I do not enjoy the shorter daylight hours.  It's hard to get chores done in the daylight hours.  I'm already thinking of a lighting system for my chickens.  No street light on that end of the property & the last solar light we purchased sucked. 

I'm NOT looking forward to raking mass amounts of leaves.  OMG, you cannot imagine the dust and long hours of blowing & raking leaves. I compose a lot and use a lot for mulch.  A lot of physical work. 

But I am looking forward to cooler temps.  Our region is suppose to be above average thru November.

Happy Fall!



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Oh my gosh! Now I want something pumpkin flavored!!

I love the comfort crock pot meals, stew, chili etc. and all the colors!!


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OMG, Passion, totally! They have to cram everthing in over the summer here, too. A lot of all night road work, too.

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I do enjoy the fall buy summer is my favorite time of year.  We don't get really warm weather until July so talking about fall in August is well bleh! LOL 

I love the fall colors, the deep blue skies and crisp fresh air. 


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We always joke here that we only have 2 seasons - rainy & construction :smileyhappy:

I love Sept bc it was the month I was married in.

I love everything pumpkin flavoured - especially scones.



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No, no, no...not yet!  I am in Oregon and we also get the benefit of all 4 seasons.  I do love spring and fall, but our summers really do go through September, and sometimes a pretty mild October.  We still have to bundle up to watch fireworks on the 4th of July, so we are not ready for fall just yet.  We just had 100 degree days last week. 

I do love sweater season, though, and always very ready for it. 





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I'm excited for fall too!!

I love the cooler weather and all the sweaters and jeans that come with it.  I'm also hoping to take my little one to pick apples and a pumpkin this year.  I am ready for it to be here :smileyhappy:

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Fall is my most favorite time of year.....I love so much about it!

* Cool air at night, makes for great sleeping.

* pumpkin spiced coffee!

* my favorite sweatshirts & sweaters

* football season!

* Mums and pumpkins, and foliage

enjoy the season everyone :smileyhappy: