TV and phone and cable, oh my!

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TV and phone and cable, oh my!
Mon, 09-10-2012 - 7:28pm

It appears I have hit the end of my run with Comcast's promotions.  But what I didn't expect was my origninal $10 a month credit to be gone.  I guess since "double play" doesn't exist any longer, I now get no discount whatsoever for having TV and Internet.  It just keeps getting better, doesn't it?  What was $138 less than two years ago is now $160. 

Anywho, so I am now considering doing Century Link (Quest) double play of home phone and DSL.  On the surface, it appears that it may be a good deal for our household.  I do not want Dish of any kind, so sticking with Comcast/xfinity TV.

Two questions:

I know we are all over the continent, but does any one here bundle their old fashioned land line with their internet?  If so, do any of you here have Century Link?  We have DSL at work and rarely have any problems.

We have an HD TV in our bedroom with HD box and a tube TV in the living room, with regular digital box.  We could still lower our cable and get a gadget to stream on our Tube TV in the livingroom with our wireless internet, correct?  We tried it for a while with DSS xbox and Netflix, but it was kind of pain using the xbox controller. 

Any thoughts?  I just told a coworker I am about ready to cancel it all and become Amish. 



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Mon, 09-10-2012 - 7:41pm
Serenity -
We bundle internet and our land line. DH wants to ditch the land line, but I am still hanging on, since sometimes I forget to keep my cell phonecharged.

But we are the worst role models for communication bills:
Charter Internet and phone $68 a month (promo is over, but I did get if for 3 yrs.)
Direct TV $89
Cell phones $265
Netflix $21
or $443 per month
But this gives us television and internet at the cabin too. We can't figure any other way to do that. I just cancelled XM (but Sirius stations are still on both our cars) and do have OnStar in my car, so add that as well!
Scary that all that could go to our retirement when you think of it.
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Mon, 09-10-2012 - 10:38pm
If you canceled the cable in your name, and then SO signed up under his name, could you start the discount cycle again? It would be like he was a brand new person to them if his name wasn't on the account might be aggravating if you have to return the box and get a new install(and that might cost something) but t might be worth making. Few phone calls...I too cannot elieve wht I spend for cable....more than I pay for electricity, including my heat....
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Mon, 09-10-2012 - 11:49pm

I'm in Canada so I can't answer your specific questions.

We do have the discount-to-combine deal with our provider. I was shocked when our promo deal ran out and our bill went from $85/mo to $185/mo (including long distance). AND we lost a lot of our channels.But ironically, the non-digital TV w/o the box still gets most of them...but the digital box set up blocks them...funny :smileyhappy:

We only have a pay-as-you-go cellphone that sits in the drawer for emergencies (got it to contact DH while I was pregnant). It costs us $75 annually in minutes.

How would your daughter take it if you went Amish?


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Tue, 09-11-2012 - 11:25am

I was just thinking I need to do something about our cable, phone, internet situation too.  We just had price increase.  I pay $105 for cable and phone (bundled together) and another $83 a month for satilite tv.  OUCH!   I am starting to think we need to be very frugal in our family given we want to move to BC.  I have thoughts of being extremely frugal but not sure how dh would take it.  The man works 70 hours or more a week and when he is home he would like to know he could watch his sports channel.  I can't blame him.  Other than fees for street/floor hockey league he plays in (which is very inexpenisive (maybe a total of $200 for the entire year) he spends nothing on himself but to buy a coffee out a few times a week.  The man does not shop, and buys clothes only when he absolutely needs them.  Sigh...  I think I need to look into switching companies, internet provider etc and phone up our exisiting one and see if they can give me a deal even if for a few months.  Sigh. . .



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Tue, 09-11-2012 - 4:43pm

I'm also paying $160 (actually $158.65) monthly for my cable bundle of TV & internet.  I  have a pretty substantial package for the TV (HD, DVR, some premium channels like HBO, Starz, etc).  We dropped our landline last year and have had no issues with that decsion at all.  

But add me to the list of people who find this bill WAYYY too high . . . and also to the list of people who feel like they NEED their football!

I'm thinking this is something that I really need to work at reducing this coming year.


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Thu, 09-13-2012 - 1:08pm

I currently pay $111 for TV  only cable w/ Comcast.  No other cable company available where we live, only Dish or Direct TV and they are higher for the number of TV's we have in rooms. 

We dropped our land line last year w/ AT&T which was $28 a month.  I've NEVER been happier.  We have our cell phones and DH has an office line. 

Our cell phone plan is with US Cellular and I have my parents on one line.  All three lines (I have a smart phone) is $124 a month.

Total for phone and cable for our household is $235.  I could drop to a basic on cable and save about $40 a month, but DH refuses.  I have been on his case to take one of the boxes back to Comast and save $8.95 a month.  Also, he can get two $1.95 a month boxes free for our kitchen TV and basement if he'll just make the trip to Comcast and do it.  This would save me a total of $8.95 + 1.95 + 1.95 plus tax a month.  Approx. $15 a month.  Maybe I can get him to do this on his vacation in October. 

I forgot to mention I splurge for XM radio in the truck & car = $26.00 a month.  I am on the road a lot and enjoy this SOOOOO much. 



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