Update on the silver lining...any feedback appreciated...

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Update on the silver lining...any feedback appreciated...
Mon, 09-17-2012 - 7:42pm

Hi all....

Some developments from my previous post....

 Well I had a series of meetings with one of my new bosses and they went from bad to horrible.....he was micromanaging me and I had not even started....he pulled out my previous employee evaluations that are glowing and took exception to my previous managers' enthusiasm about my  efficiency, creativity, collaborativeness, high level of analysis and innovation and stated that I was to become tough/strict with the employees, and engage in repetitive (almost meaningless tasks).  Any type of autonomy was quashed and he made it clear that I would be sending him daily reports of my activities despite the fact that I would report to him about 30 percent of my time.

My long term boss was aghast at his behavior and demands (she was present) and he told her to keep her mouth shut as I would now report to him.  He also said he did not believe in efficiency and that he worked 12-14 hour days on a daily basis and also weekends.

I told my current boss that I would not be able to work for a long time under these circumstances and that I would scope out other oppurtunities in other related industries.

Last Friday my director called me in (my boss' boss) and apologized profusely about this and that this was not good planning on her part but that the cuts had been stressful for all and the organization was being pared down and that this was the reality.   She then stated that she had an option for me....

As I mentioned before my team before was four plus secretary and we handled high risk issues for internal/external clients.  Our sister department was also whittled down (they manage low/medium risk) to two staff but one announced that she would retire early  last week.  So that left a position open....and they created a position for me that is wonderful....

3.5 days I would manage low-med risk issues and the other 1.5 day I would do my old high risk cases job....

So we would now be a department of three with a part time secretary.-all our work would be for internal clients as the external service was eliminated in the downsizing.

I am ecstatic and feel blessed.  The downside however is a paycut of 4000/yr as my position would now be considered Intermediate instead of Senior.  (We would have a junior person (low risk) intermediate person-me (medium risk) and my previous colleague (who has phd) in the senior role.  I would still keep my extra week vacation tho.

So I turned down my "promotion" and took a "demotion" of sorts but I am happy and excited as hell about doing work that nurtures, excites and satisfies me again.

Do you think this is a good decision?

 Some of my friends have been a bit critical and felt that one should never turn down a promotion.



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Interesting development.  When I say what I say, bear in mind that I'm 28 and am in a different position than you are but...

Would an extra 4000 a year (About 333 a month) really have been worth all the stress and detriment to your mental health? What good is a promotion if you dread work?

That being said, I think as long as you haven't severely jeopardized your financial well being I think you made the right decision.

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Duke -
That manager you spoke about that works a 12-14 hour day would be a nightmare in my book, so turning down the promotion really is not a turning down a promotion at all - you would have made up for it in extra hours.
This is why people need to view their jobs all as TEMPORARY, no job is really permanent and we all need to be looking for our next position, next area of personal growth potential. A job is just that, a job! NOT A LIFE.

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I absolutely agree with your decision. You already said that your days at this company would be numbered if you took the "promotion". Even if this is just a part of your day and not your everything, you have to at least be okay with your workplace and what you do there, and also who you work for. That guy sounds like a nightmare. Your boss agreed he was out of line, more reinforcement you did the right thing.

Also, once again, your boss and other decision makers in the company have shown how valuable they think you are. This has happened many times - I thought that months ago, when the changes first came about, that they were positioning you for long term, and making sure you wouldn't be part of this layoff occuring now.  IMO, the pay change will be temporary. They value you too much.

great job!


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Duke, I think you made the right decision.  Despite the fact we are here (on this forum) because of money - LIFE is not about money.  I would much rather be happier than to have an extra $4000 a year (before taxes).  Enjoying what you do will sustain you in the long run.

That "boss" sounds like jerk imo. I cannot imagine working for someone who micro managed like that.  How long would you have lasted?  Much better to be happy than a few $$ richer imo.



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I totally agree with your decision. As others have said, your health and emotional well-being is worth far more than rank and $$$, and, if you are right and such conditions would have led to you being out soo ER rather than later, even more o!

you can assume the PTB want you to stay but, personally, I'd keep my eyes and ears open as it sounds to me like this company is in serious management trouble... Why are they tolerating tha guy, anyway?

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I echo everyone else on it being the right decision for YOU. I read an HR article the other day that said autonomy in one's job far outweighs money for satisfaction and career happiness.

You spend 40 hrs/week there, you might as well be happy (so long as you can comfortably live).

Phew, sounds like you dodged a bullet there! That guy probably would have never been happy w/you.



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Excellent! I agree with your decision. $4k a year is ultimately nothing after taxes and your mental health is priceless!

Bex -

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girly_girl13 wrote:
Excellent! I agree with your decision. $4k a year is ultimately nothing after taxes and your mental health is priceless!

I gather Canadian healthcare costs less directly, but it's probably better to make a bit less money than to get sick mentally and even physically. It's better to just lose the $4k outright than to make it, get stressed and depressed, get sick, pay the doctors, get meds, get other meds to treat the side effects, see other docs, etc.

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Wow, quite the turn of events.  So glad you had another option & took it.  It is a bummer in the less $, but I agree with others that have said being happy in your job can help keep you healthy as well!!  A very important PERK to your new roll at your job.  Good for you & keep working at your side business!!


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Yeah Duke,  this is a no brainer . . . you made the right call.