Weekend Expenses$$

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Weekend Expenses$$
Thu, 02-07-2013 - 9:11am

Its Thursday...

I am taking my soon to be 16 year old for a steak dinner on Friday night. Should be expensive, cause I'm having steak too! It will be just him and me to cut on expenses lol. We need groceries too!

I have to work Sat, Sunday and Monday. That should keep me from spending!

What is everyone doing this weekend? Is it going to be pricey or frugal?

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Thu, 02-07-2013 - 7:43pm
Another frugal weekend here. On Saturday I have to take my son to the hosp. in the city for lab work, and we have to be there by 7am, so I am treating him to breakfast afterward. This will come out of my $20 "fun money." The family will get fast food lunch after church on Sunday, $10 cash set aside. Other than that, no spending!
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Fri, 02-08-2013 - 8:31am

I'm hoping for an inexpensive day here. I just got back from Tampa (into a crazy snowstorm I might add) and am exhausted. My plans are to sit at home and rest and relax. I may go and get a book tomorrow but that's about the extent of it!

I can't wait for a resty weekend!

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