Weekend Expenses$$

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Weekend Expenses$$
Fri, 04-26-2013 - 10:11am


What is everyone doing this weekend? Is it going to be pricey or frugal?

I have to work Saturday for 6 hours but not Sunday. It is getting nicer so I want to be outside. I hope some of the snow melts this weekend!

I spent $237 at Costco yesterday.....ahhhhh. Some grocery, diapers and two gifts for child's birthday party I need to go to next weekend. And I bet I need fresh groceries next week too! My daughter is almost off formula now that so is good. boy that stuff is expensive. And I did bake bread this week. So I am saving in some areas. I can't even remember the last time I bought presents for  a party. It was kinda fun.

Oh well have a great weekend everyone!

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Mon, 04-29-2013 - 1:21am

I normally don't post on the weekend threads because my weekends are often frugal. Not this time! I had to take a business trip, and I stayed for the weekend and gave myself a little vacation. I went the zoo and saw lots of animals! An orangutan came up to me, but he was really depressed. The black bears were playing with each other. The elephants took a lot of dumps. Today I went hiking, and it was a whole lot of fun!

Most of the cost is actually gas and food. I ate a lot today because I was so hungry from hiking. I also drove quite a bit. Well, I guess the car rental is another cost, as is the hotel room. But I had a good time! And I got another line on my CV! 

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Sat, 04-27-2013 - 5:59pm

I still have bronchitis after 4 weeks! The upside is that we have saved a lot of money by not going anywhere. We both have monday off so DH suggested we get a babysitter and play pick up hockey at the ice arena. REALLY? You want me to play ice hockey w/bronchitis. I have been doing that and I don't think it is helping :) But we will get a babysitter and do something so probably $80.

I'm dragging myself off the couch to hit the toy store ($30 max) while DH is at work. The neighbourhood kids all have water shooters and my kids are just getting wet w/o the fun, LOL. DH disagrees that they "need" them. Well, I agree they don't NEED them but they sure WANT them :) Grocery store will be about $200 bc I'm starting a diet and I plan to get a few pieces of clothing there.

So a relatively cheap weekend for us considering we only spent like $50 last w/end :)