Weekend Expenses$$

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Weekend Expenses$$
Thu, 05-02-2013 - 2:30pm

What is everyone doing this weekend? Is it going to be pricey or frugal?

I have to work on Sunday and Saturday I have a child's birthday party to go to. I purchased books at C ostco last time I went. Pretty good presents I think! And then there is a clean up event with my youngest son's group he belongs to. Other than that, not too much. Hopefully no money or very little spent!

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Fri, 05-03-2013 - 12:19am


I have two birthday parties to go to, one is my best friend's and the other is a very good friend therefore I can't skip any... for one of them we are going to Banff. With the trip and the gifts I think this weekend might run at around $200, Yikes!

Hope everyone else's is frugal! :)

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Mon, 05-06-2013 - 2:29pm

Last week was a bit different for us.  We were both on vacation.  One of the dogs ended up at the vet with a big bill and we stayed home all week except for a company paid dinner for the two of us at a high end restaurant for some extra work effort hubby had put in during April.  The restaurant was OK, but I would just as soon as have the pot of pinto beans I cooked yesterday.   :)    

Other than trips to the grocery store by my hubby for fruit and some things we ran out of, and some fuel for mowing, we kept expense down very good. (except for th doggie).  Life happens....and it's usually a good thing.

Things are still tight for us, but wow..the future is getting so close...I can fell it, taste it and I want it NOW!

Life IS good!


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Tue, 05-07-2013 - 9:28am
Norma it is SO great to hear you feeling optomistic! I'm so happy for you!

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