Weekend Expenses

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Weekend Expenses
Fri, 11-09-2012 - 9:37am

Forgot to post this yesterday I guess.

We are supposed to get a bunch of snow so I don't know if SIL will come now but we are supposed to make our pizzas for the freezer this weekend. I bought  $50 worth of toppings and my SIL and MIL will do some where around the same. I bought a huge ham and am hoping to get a chunk to make a meal of lol. Anyway, I look forward to this because it is cheap, yummy take out for the next several months where I don't have to cook! Plus it is a nice get together for the three of us to chat. We might even have some wine to sip on!

I don't really have any other plans for the weekend. I don't even work. Next weekend and the weekend after that I do plus a Wednesday in there too. 5 days in Nov, not too bad. Its nice to get out of the house and do some work at the store. All free babysitting with MIL and hubby.

Hope everyone has a good weekend. Is it going to be pricey or frugal? Anyone started shopping for Christmas yet? I have a few things bought. need to find my Christmas cards.

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Fri, 11-09-2012 - 10:23am

Free babysitters are always welcomed Karen!  

It should be fairly frugal.  No plans for dinning out, that's a rare thing for us.  Just horse & chicken feed.  We are still mowing & raking leaves, but this should be coming to an end in the next 2 weeks.  I need to do some chicken coup cleaning and get the horse started on his winter hay supply as we have had two hugh frost the last two mornings.  

I'll be leaving raking, house cleaning & horse & dog brushing this weekend as it is suppose to beautiful (mid- upper 60's). 

I do have one Christmas items purchased for the grandson and this is the bulk of what he will be getting besides boots and a few clothing items. 

Hope everyone has a great frugal weekend.

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Fri, 11-09-2012 - 12:28pm

Oh the flu is at our house so this weekend will be staying home and getting better I hope! With 5 kids the flu can hang around which seems like forever!  I am hoping by Sunday we all feel better so I can do some baking which I think I have everything here, so I hope for a very frugal weekend!  Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!! Mandy

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Fri, 11-09-2012 - 3:06pm

We are planning to do some deliveries for extra money today since we are both off work.

Tonight, we'll stay home and play a new board game w/DS1. Dinner will probably be steak fajitas so something from the freezer :)

Tomm I have ice hockey so DH will bring the boys and buy them a "treat" (chocolate milk or apple juice) $4

Sun we'll be baking and cooking for the week. Dh is making chili and I'm making pumpkin muffin, chocolate cake and chocolates. We already have everything we need.

So very frugal for me. We have been very successful at incorporating more hamburger meat and less expensive meats into our diets!


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Sat, 11-10-2012 - 1:27pm

Frugal for us.  We did dinner at home on Friday with fish DH caught.  DD20 came home with her BF and we celebrated his Bday (he is our adopted 3rd kid as well.)  DH got him a Leatherman and I made a cake.

Working most of the day Saturday, DH is going to DS's college for an event with him (2 hours away.)  Then I have to paint a wall in my office after clients are gone, after which we have a B-day party for Dh's nephew.  Might be late comers to the party, but we will be there.

Sunday we are moving furniture:  in my office my old home office furniture is moving in (really nice cherry desk and book cases), and at home my old living room furniture is moving up into a room we turned back into a "Florida Room" (lots of windows in that room) or a den.  Thank gosh our kid #3 is around as we are counting on his muscle to help a bit. 

DH is also trying to sell the truck and has someone coming to look at it Sunday, and we have our annual homeowners association meeting, where we need to reduce our dirt road maint fee! 

LOTS going on, not so much spending. 

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Wed, 11-21-2012 - 8:49pm

It'll be pretty quiet and very frugal over here.  The DH is in Asia for the next few days so I'll be flying solo this week-end.  I do have a list of things to buy as we're headed to Trinidad at the end of December for 8 weeks plus we have a few Christmas gifts to purchases...but I feel like staying in so we'll see.

Happy Thanksgiving to all the U.S. members!


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