Weekend $$ Plans?

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Weekend $$ Plans?
Thu, 08-23-2012 - 11:31am

Its Thursday again.

I don't know what we will do this weekend. I do know we had Mexican last night finally and it was fabulous so not that. Cheap too $26!

I suppose it will depend the weather. 

I have a visit to my sister's planned for next week so that may include money for pizza.

What is everyone doing this weekend? Pricey or frugal?


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Thu, 08-23-2012 - 12:52pm

Finally using my can deposit money!  Going to a cheap concert at a local amphitheater. 

No other expected expeditures this weekend.  Already got a few groceries and gas yesterday. 



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Thu, 08-23-2012 - 2:44pm

No plans for me involving money. I have plenty of food in the house. The usual clean house, yard work & maybe work on the chicken's outdoor pen.  I already have the wire purchased for that.  I just need some muscle help if it's available.  DH may be hauling hay for the horse.  The cost approximately $150.  He leaves on a business trip Monday to New Orleans if the weather holds out.  If not, he'll reschedule that trip for later. 

Have a great weekend everyone!



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Thu, 08-23-2012 - 3:31pm

Hopefully frugal!  LOL  NOthing major planned here.  There is Sears closing out near our place and I am going to have my youngest try on his winter stuff and see if he needs anything and then go buy it (I suspect he might need a new winter coat/ski pants  which I know Sears has for 40% off).   Its all budgeted for though as I have my Freedom Account for clothing. 

Hoping we can take in a movie at what I like to call cheap theaters ($3 to get in). 

Just got back this past Sunday from 10 days camping so will be mostly puttering around the yard and house doing garden work, cleaning etc.


Serenity - we save our pop can money too!  We just took returned out bottles/cans etc and now have over $200 saved up.  For what I don't know yet.  We call it our family fun money.  We are just saving it up and one day will just "blow it" on doing something or buying something for the family! 


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Thu, 08-23-2012 - 5:27pm
$200, wow! That is either over a long period of time, or you drink a lot of pop or bottled water.

After this weekend, I will start again! Not sure I can hold out until next summer though. We shall see...
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Thu, 08-23-2012 - 7:47pm

I have to work this weekend (and it's not the productive kind, either). I have an all-day meeting on Saturday. Then I have an extended lunch to go to (and I don't want to go). Mandatory socialization is one of the things I hate about academia. You have to go hug and make merry with people who tried to fire you, and whom you're trying to get fired. 

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Thu, 08-23-2012 - 8:23pm

Actually we rarely buy bottled anything. . .lol.  DH brings home bottles and cans from his office.  No one else wants them and he cleans up the other recycling too so he brings them home.  We do use bottled water when camping depending where we are or how long we will be (one campsite we go to has awful tasting water).  If it is just the weekend we can use the water from trailer but if we are gone longer than that then we use bottled water to drink (or buy those 6 or 7 litre jugs of water).  We also have been saving it up for over a year now.  We just never decided what to do with the money yet so we keep stashing it in our Family fun jar!

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Fri, 08-24-2012 - 6:32am

I have a volunteer training ALL WEEKEND.  It's paid for by the organization so it's no cost to me except to pay the babysitter for additional time.

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Fri, 08-24-2012 - 10:22pm

Hubby is working AGAIN. We were planning to meet our hockey team for the year end drinks/appies...all paid for by gift certificates we earned throughout the season. I could get a babysitter and go alone but the kids already had a babysitter most of the day.

But the rest of the w/end will probably be spendy as I plan to celebrate my promotion :smileyhappy: