Weekend $$ Plans?

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Weekend $$ Plans?
Thu, 08-16-2012 - 9:20am

What is everyone doing this weekend?

I would like to sleep...lol. Although I won't complain!

I don't think we have too much planned. I need to pick up my boys from camp tomorrow so need some fuel. 

I would love to go for Mexican food and will try to talk my DH into that. Shouldn't be more than $25 and we haven't eaten out since Lila arrived. Plus I need to get some labels for the store and a few other office supplies in town. That is business related though and pretty routine in my budget there.

I think the weather is supposed to be nice so perhaps some free walks are in order!


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Sat, 08-18-2012 - 9:19am

Working/traveling today (typing this as I sit at the airport), so it should be cheap as I am still on expense. 

Tomorrow I may go to the farmer's market and get a box of fruit and do some canning, and just a few veggies and eggs, as I am traveling again most of  next week.  Total costs should be under $75 including new lids for the mason jars.

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Fri, 08-17-2012 - 11:11pm

My SILs invited me for a pedicure tomorrow afternoon..I have never had a manicure or a pedicure- it's not really my thing.  But I'm going along with them anyhow because I appreciate that they are trying to spend some girl time with me.  And I am meeting a good friend for lunch Sunday afternoon...I am really looking forward to it.  Um...that is more than enough frivolity for one weekend.  Other plans for the weekend don't involve spending money.

I am still looking for a job.  I am still trying to find "THE" job until September hits, and then I will resign myself to finding "A" job.

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Fri, 08-17-2012 - 5:41pm
Tonight Dh works so we cancelled plans to go for dinner/bowling with a few other couples. My sister is town to help me with the kids while I recover from the surgery. It's too much to be alone with the kids. She'll be here so we'll probably play cards or karaoke or something. A free night.

Sat we are going to a work BBQ thing. I'm bringing velvet cupcakes. I got the mix on sale for $1.79...and they are quite fantastic even for a mix.

Sat night I'll try to go to my brother's place. Have a late swim and they'll probably feed us :smileyhappy:

Sun we'll take the kids to the beach or park. Something free. If it's raining (which seems highly unlikely), I'll pay for drop in gymnastics...$10.

So it'll be $12 plus gas money (but we have a hybrid)...and my sister might even be driving us. I might order a pizza Sat if we don't go out...or Sun...

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Fri, 08-17-2012 - 5:27pm
Having an impromtu garage sale with DD12. I have had to explain to her things are very tight (used medical bills and car repair as the easiest reason she can understand). So, she asked if we could clean some stuff out, have a sale and use the money for school clothes.

I was quite impressed with her maturity about the whole thing. It wasn't "you have a sale and buy me clothes" it was "can we have a sale and split the money."

Told her I am not spending a dime, that we could use signs we already had and just label "all books 25 cents," etc.

And an unexpected perk! One of our neighbors is having a sale that is today and tomorrow, and everyone is driving right by our house! And... their sign already says Saturday, 8 - 1. I am just tickled.

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Fri, 08-17-2012 - 4:08pm

Darn it - it feels like money is just slipping through my hands these last couple of months.  I'm not doing anything major, just little things that keep adding up.  I'm starting out this week with only half my usual discretionary spending monies because I overspent last week.  

We have no  major plans for the weekend.  Sailing today and covering farm duties this weekend ('cause my parents are on vacation).  I'm determined to keep my spending to an absolute minimum.

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Thu, 08-16-2012 - 10:08am

It would be great Karen for you to get out for a breather.  Lila is big enough to tag along in a carry all.  Hope you get your wish!

DH is taking our lawn mower for the final repairs Saturday morning.  We were going to put it off, but the leak is pretty bad and it's better to get it fixed than risk blowing up the engine.  He'll pick it up late next week.  We can kiss another $200 go bye.  We had the belt replaced last week and the guy refused to charge.  So now we will pay for the big repair.

I'll be yard puttering and house cleaning as usual.  A co-worker and family from Ohio are in East TN on vacation and are suppose to stop by on Sunday.  No expenses expected.

Have a great weekend!


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