What a busy summer!

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What a busy summer!
Mon, 07-08-2013 - 8:05am

As I have posted before I am selling my store at the end of the summer.It is a good thing and I am happy about this. It is getting closer and things are coming together but there is a lot of work to be done including packing. I have a few items in limbo that I have started and cannot go any farther on and long list of things to do that I have not started. Some things cannot be done until after the sale is completed. Some times things are hurry up and wait.

I am sooo hoping things come out in my favor here and there is some cash for Karen when all is said and done. It will take months for things to shake out.

My husband got a new job that starts next week. I think this will be a much better fit for him. It is exciting. However, although the pay is better, and the benefits are so much better, I fear his take home will be less. I should not complain, it will be wonderful to have these benefits that not every company offers. I will have to get a real job eventually anyway.

And....we will be taking on a farm equipment payment here soon. We had always planned to and will likely always have some sort of payment but I think this one will be a couple hundred more than planned a month. Sigh. Getting out of debt is nice but there are always money struggles it seems. I remember from Kate how she said it was so nice to pay off the debts but things in life were always coming up.  Boy, was she right. and I miss her terribly!! It is kind of depressing at times but you know what, if I had the debt there would be even more stress so I need to shake it off and keep moving! I do have a feeling end of this year after the store thing is settled and I maybe get a job this could be great!

Oh and the berries are not even ready yet! That will be busy too.

So yes, a busy summer and the baby will be a year in a few days. I am making a cake for her to destroy lol and she loves her little baby pool, it makes us all giggle even though she soaks us with the splashing. We will enjoy the moments in our busy lives! I am determined. 

Happy Summer everyone!

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Tue, 07-09-2013 - 5:41pm

"Getting out of debt is nice but there are always money struggles it seems"

BOY do I hear you on this!

I know we are better off financially now than we were before I joined this board . . . but man o man, it always seems like something, huh?

I do think we are making more responsible financial decisions though.  I still feel poor as hell, but we have more security and more of a clearer picture of our future.  

So this new peace of mind does count for something.

Still, I'd like to have a WHOLE week without rice and beans and more rice and beans.

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Mon, 07-08-2013 - 6:38pm
That does sound tiring - best of luck with the store sale and I hope your dh's job works out. Happy Birthday to your little one! First birthdays are great - my daughter plowed her whole arm into the cake.
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Mon, 07-08-2013 - 10:33am

I KNOW!   I can't believe that Spring is gone...although temps here are still incrediably low for the Southeast.  We've been in the 70's all week with LOTS of rain.  Still no blueberries here.  We need sun!

I'm still dreaming and half way looking for a job in my home town.  Still waiting to here from our mortgage company on if we can refianace.  I'm not getting my hopes up.  

I hope all goes smoothly for the sale and packing up of the store.  When one door closes another always open.