What have you given up or learned to do without or what do you do right?

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What have you given up or learned to do without or what do you do right?
Wed, 01-04-2012 - 11:17pm

I feel like the start of the new year can be exciting and very overwhelming debt wise.


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I have to admit that the last couple of weeks have been financially tough for me.


"Patience is the best remedy for every trouble"- Plautus

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Great post!!

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Some of the things I did right, even when our debt was at its worst ($100K+):

  • Kept insurance on cars, health, life, and disability.
  • Kept all the utilities on. :)
  • Kept my life priorities right!
  • Gave the kids the best childcare, schooling, and stable home life they could possibly have.

I gave up and learned to do without all kinds of things as needed, but made sure no one suffered day to day.

Good for you on fostering dogs.

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I've done lots of things right..I may have given up my sanity in the mean time but boy am I on the right page! LOL!

Done right:

1. Established an efund and sinking funds.

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Things I have done right:
- volunteer w/ a organization that helps Moms
-worked pt so that I can be home w/my kidos when they are young
-payed off my student loans way ahead of time
-payed off our car loan 1 year early and was able to refinance it to lower the interest on another loan
-saved for retirment some
-learned to cook more at home or bring food along (this is hard for me)
-given up travel temporarily to focus on debt which will give us peace of mind
Thanks for the positive post I feel more optomistic already :)


student loan paid off 2010

Bathroom remodel loan paid off 2013

Pending Car loan to be paid by the end of 2014!!!!!


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What I do right:

1) Always bring my lunch and never get coffee or tea (still working on the eating out habit . . . I do that too much);

2) On top of my finances. I check all the time and know where every penny is going;

3) For the most part I distinguish needs from wants pretty well. Even when I splurge I know what I'm doing!

4) I think I'm pretty ahead of the retirement game. At 30 I have about 45-50K put away already.

Still working on the eating out and the impulse buys. I need to get better at small rewards so I don't feel deprived and then blowing it later!

Bex -

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I like this, focusing on the good :)

What have you given up??
~ Regular dinners out and frequent date nights.

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Wow you have all inspired me.

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Great post to start the year! Thanks!

I am also an animal lover (I rescue and foster cats), so the money expend on animals is not wasted...you can try to reduce the costs by re-using things, asking neighbours and friends for small donations (they may not have the space or time to foster, but may spare some dog food or an old blanket, a toy, etc.). Even birthdays and Christmas serve for this, and I was thinking that my next birthday, I'll ask for no gifts, but if somebody wants to "give" something to me, they can actually donate to the cats (I also have a dog).

These are the things I've given up last year:

  • TV channels (no regrets, I need time to study and read)
  • Zip (a movie rental service via mail, we watch lots of movies together, but now we have switched to Netflix, is cheaper)
  • Coffee and pastries (I used to go at least once a week for one of these as a "relax", but now I'm saving the $5-10 a week for more important things instead)
  • Insurance for credit cards (a waste of money, it's much better to use that money to reduce the debt instead)
  • Two credit cards (we closed the accounts and changed for a loan that now is going down very fast, the credit score actually improved 50 points after doing this)
  • Paper towels and napkins

Things I'm doing better and learned last year:

  • Minding my expenses each time I do grocery shopping
  • Shopping less in general (clothes, etc.)
  • No more new debts
  • I have a budget and almost all goes well (except for the grocery shopping, still going beyond it...)
  • I have changed my mind forever about how I use the money

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Well our life has changed so much for the better that it all feels right now!!

1. We don't go out to dinner much at all and are eating good healthy at home meals.

2. Got rid of 3 ccs and