Why I'm happy that I just blew $600.00

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Why I'm happy that I just blew $600.00
Sat, 08-31-2013 - 9:54am

My August goal was to put the $1000.00 "extra" money I was expecting this month into savings, since my savings is pretty feeble.

Meanwhile hanging over my head was the desperate need for some auto maintenance and a publication requirement to get my LLC finally "official."

I landed a new client, which covers the LLC.  So I spent yesterday getting an oil change, brakes, tires, wipers and filters.  Yup, my car was in need of some serious love.  I saved by: 1.  telling the mechanic I'll change the cabin air filter myself;  and 2.  telling the mechanic that I really don't think I need bearings, but rather I have horrible tires.  I am changing those.  If the rumble still exists, I'll be back. 

To illustrate my joy about buying tires, I'll give a little background.  My car is a 2010.  I drive a lot, so I go through tires about every 1.5 years.  When I bought the car, it was new.  It was incredibly smooth to drive.  It felt wonderful, especially after my old car, which, at 250k miles, was in pretty rough shape.  I took the car to Pep Boys and got 4 new tires.  Immediately I noticed something wasn't right.  The car would shake.  It didn't feel new anymore.  I took it back twice to have them check the wheel balance and they swore it was ok.  One guy even said "it rides great!  I wish my car rode like this!"  

I, being the passive type, gave up and drove on the crappy tires for about 50k miles.  It sounded like a freight train the way it rumbled.  Add to that, over the miles, my rear tires became cupped and made even more noise.  (A case to always remember to rotate my tires even if I hate them).

If there is ONE thing I'm paranoid about, it's my tires.  So despite moderate tread wear, I had to replace them since I was past the warrantied tread life and my car felt and sounded like a train.  I drive ~500-600 miles a week.

So my regular shop is generally really good about not trying to screw me over.  I've been using them for the 6 years I've lived here.  I do feel they're pretty honest for an auto mechanic and their prices are darn near half what some of the larger chains would charge for the same work.  Plus they give free coffee.  After 4 years, the price of a set of front brakes never changed.  I was pleased.

The guy took my new brakes for a spin and came back to tell me the rumbling in my car is a bad bearing and I should change it.  I told him my rear tires are cupped.  I'm going to change them before I do anything else.  He seemed a bit shocked that I knew anything at all about my tires.  But I know my tires like I know my own underwear.  LOL!  But to humor him, I told him if the noise remained after I changed my tires, I'll bring it back because the rumble really does bother me.  I need my car to be in tip top shape.

After 45 minutes at the tire shop down the block, I drove out and about died of joy.  I could have driven around all day I was so happy.  It felt new again!

So I went to the auto parts store, bought new wipers and an air filter to top off my car love for the day and changed those myself.  All in all, for $600, I got an oil change, new front brakes, 4 new tires, GOOD Rain-ex windshield wipers (my last set was a cheap set and I regretted those as much as I regretted the old tires), and two new air filters.  One I changed myself.  I let the garage do the other one.

I was so happy, I made my husband drive around the block to try out my new tires.  That's when he admitted he was really nervous about my old set.  Especially when I'm on the road long distance.  He'd offered to buy me tires about a month ago (he knew I was waiting for some extra money to roll in), because they bothered him a lot.  (We keep our finances separate and he has a MUCH bigger portion of the household responsibility, so I don't ask for help unless I really really need it.)

So despite not hitting my savings goal, I am feeling like a ten ton weight was just lifted off my shoulders.

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Thu, 09-05-2013 - 3:45am

Stay positive!

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Thanks for sharing!  I love that feeling you are describing of getting something done and having the money for it.  Even better when we know how much we "saved" while doing it. 

And crappy wipers are the worst!

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