Accountability 01/14

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Accountability 01/14
Mon, 01-14-2013 - 9:06am

Hi All,

I hope no one minds if I start this thread. I just needed to keep myself accountable to everyone (me most of all). So, my non-spendy weekend . . .

1) Spent $9.00 on frozen yogurt for BF and I. He took me to dinner so I sprung for dessert (came out of my spending money).

2) Spent $70 on groceries. There were sales on a lot of things that don't usually go on sale so I decided to stock up. I probably could have gotten away with about $40 but I figured if I have the cash on hand, do it! (came out of my spending money)

3) $170 on dog food (before anyone falls over, let me explain). My dogs need to be on gluten free diets and their food tends to be more expensive. They have such sensitive digestive systems that it takes me days to switch them to a new diet. The food they are on now is awesome, but there was a fire at the plant so the supply has been spotty. I found some at a store and bought enough for 2-3 months (until the plant is up and running again). It came out of the dog account

4) $13 on gas for the motorcycle (filling the tank to get it winterized). Came out of my change jar :)

5) $8 on my half of a pizza (came out of my spending money)

6) $10 for halogen light bulbs for the kitchen (came out of house fund).

In total I have $15 spending left until Friday. That should be plenty since I have gas in the tank and food in the house.

So my debt totals for 1/14/2013:

Car Loan as of 01/06/2013 : $6895.94

Car Loan as of 01/14/2013: 6895.94

Difference: $0

Student Loan as of 01/06/2013: $19,306.43

Student Loan as of 01/14/2013: $19,050.21 

Difference: $256.22

HELOC as of 01/06/2013: $12,389.94

HELOC as of 01/14/201312,369.56

Difference: $20.38

Total debt as of Jan 6, 2013: $38,592.31

Total debt as of Jan 14, 2013: $38,315.71

Difference: $276.60

Not bad for a week of tracking :)

Bex -

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Mon, 01-14-2013 - 9:29am

Bex, it's OK to spend whatever amount you feel right on your dogs.  It is your money.  Laughing

My weekend tally:

$20 gas to go skiing.  Only stayed half a day as it was freezing cold - minus 22 F (or for those in the more evolved metric system, minus 30 C).  I am getting wimpy in my old age!

$65 at the grocery store.  $30 over-budget as I found some staples on sale and stocked up.

$82 on two pairs on shoes.  Completely unplanned.  One pair of black and one pair of brown pumps for work.  Since I take public transportation and walk around town a lot, my "dress" shoes don't last very long.  (No, I refuse to put on tennis shoes during my commute - it is just too tacky).  The black pumps are over-due for replacement anyway, and the brown ones probably in a couple months.  Since they are on sale and I like them, I might as well get them now.

Grand Total: $167

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Mon, 01-14-2013 - 12:07pm

Oh, no problem starting the thread. Baby not sleeping, Neither am I. Maybe when she  is 5 or 10 she will sleep through the night. But when I go back to work would be nice!

We spent $150 curling this weekend. Baby sitting by grandparents free. I have to spend probably $100 at the dentist today if there is nothing wrong and probably $200 on groceries. We have no food in the house!

Have a good week everyone!

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Mon, 01-14-2013 - 1:25pm

Not a very eventful week here.   We took turns battling the flu...actually, I didn't get it this time, but everyone else did.  So that was a bit hard being the mom in times like that!!!  We didn't take our daughter out for steak after all because she was sick..we will eventually.  We returned a ton of stuff..a combo of Christmas gifts that didn't fit and stuff I bought that ended up not working.  I have been having the worst time finding pants..oh, I could go on and on about this.  In the end, I bought a pair off of ebay that should fit me, and also will probably win a lot of 19 shirts in excellent shape that will end up costing about $25 total...good deal.  (I don't care at this point if my clothes are used as long as they are in good shape.  Weird??? My feelings about shopping are don't feel like it.)

I picked up 2 shifts at work.  Nothing exciting..just means I worked 18 hours instead of 7.5.  It will help.  But this kind of thing won't solve our longer term issues.  We are going to be ok...  I just hate the scraping by feeling.   We did spend some time this week really discussing our long term plans.  I just sort of threw out there last night that if we abandon our plan to have another baby, our little one will be in school in 1.5 years and that would open up lots of options for me to find a better job.  We discussed it.  I wanted to hear what dh said first.  Turns out neither one of us wants to give up, so we trudge on.....

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Mon, 01-14-2013 - 6:14pm
I don't think I spent anything! Homework, watched football, cooked at home, meeting, and spent all day Sunday in jammies watching documentaries on Netflix. But....DD's party is this weekend.
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Tue, 01-15-2013 - 6:50am
Yep, I about fell over on the dog food! :) We have a 11.5 year old Pomeranian, so she eats very little. On the other hand, she's getting older with lots of health issues and lots of meds. Looks like you did great tracking! I think taking the time to sit down and tally it all up is the hardest part! GREAT JOB!!!



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Tue, 01-15-2013 - 9:25am
Hehehehe I figured the dog food number would shock the you-know-what out of some folks so I better explain! I also forgot to mention they are 55 and 60 lbs, so not little!! Good news is that I returned a bunch of stuff at Christmas, so I had a credit that I was able to apply so really I only needed $50 from the dog account. So in my mind its like snowflaking $120 (which will be needed since we are in vaccination year!)

Bex -

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Tue, 01-15-2013 - 4:19pm

Good weekend for me.  I stayed home, cleaned, cooked & rested.  New meds are kicking my butt in the sleeping department.  Little sleep at night, so all I want to do on the weekends is nap!

Hubby spent a little money at the store, not much. Maybe $15.  He keeps going for low cal junk food since we are both on a diet.  LOL, at least he's counting his calories!

Life is GOOD!  (it would be great if I could sleep at night)

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Wed, 01-16-2013 - 10:29am

Was able to log in so I better make the best of it!  We have been doing pretty good with our budget, our EF is beefed up & our mortgage - escrow just increased $25/mth & we seem to be able to handle that fine even tho my paycheck is $20 less each week because of the FICA increase.  I'm hoping for a raise this month that would make up for that loss of income.  We are still making ends meet with a little extra for savings, retirement & saving cash for a long weekend getaway in February $600 cash saved for that so far. I would love to knock extra towards our mortgage, we are counting down 23 mths to have it paid off but that relies on 2 more hefty bonus checks coming our way in the 2013 & 2014.  My DH doesn't start working again until April 1st so we are just eeking by on my income. Our biggest place to save in our budget is our food budget, I plan on $200 cash each week to cover food & incidentals & when we have extra left it goes into vacay fund.   Need to sit down with our tax info this weekend & see how that looks.  We closed our trailer business half way thru the year so we need to see how that will effect us...the upside tho is that DH got a new seasonal job so he had income we could count on for 8 months out of 2012.

Have a good & frugal week everyone!


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Wed, 01-16-2013 - 12:56pm

Hey Heather, 

You must do what is right for the both of you. I am wishing you all the luck in the world! So exciting!

I can't find pants either lol.


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Wed, 01-16-2013 - 6:46pm

Thanks, Karen   : )    For the first couple of months, it was all I could think about, and now, that feeling is a bit subdued, so overall I am in a better spot, I think.   It IS exciting, and nervewracking to think about at the same time.  Hopefully, it will happen for me this year, so I can start grad school in 2014!