Accountability 2/11

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Accountability 2/11
Sun, 02-10-2013 - 9:01pm

How was everyone's weekend? Its a little bit early but I have a nutty week coming up so I thought I would post early. This was a SPENDY week. As I mentioned above I spent $80 on a vaccum cleaner, almost $300 on my cable bill (because I had to replace my modem) and $500 for the dogs daycare. In addition, I took BF out to lunch to thank him for loading up his snowblower and digging me out ($40) and $80 on a belated Christmas dinner with my friend. Ugh. Tomorrow I have to take the dogs to get vaccinated so that will be another expense, but at least I have the sinking funds for it. So this week I am hoping to refocus my energies and knock the debt out of the $37ks into the $36ks!

So, this week my debt is as follows:

Car Loan as of 02/04/2013: 6632.29

Car Loan as of 02/11/2013: 6632.29

Difference: $0

Student Loan as of 02/04/2013: $18,965.22

Student Loan as of 02/11/2013: $18,843.43

Difference: $121.79

HELOC as of 02/04/2013: 11,825.25

HELOC as of 02/11/2013: 11,822.97

Difference: $2.28

Total debt as of Jan 6, 2013: $38,592.31

Total debt as of Feb 4, 2013: $37,422. 76

Total debt as of Feb 11, 2013: $37,298.69

Difference from last week: $124.07

Difference from start of year: $1,293.62

Bex -

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Mon, 02-11-2013 - 10:01am

Took my son out for Steak and gave him a cash gift for his 16th birthday. I bought swimmer diapers. That was about it as I worked most of  the weekend.

Have a good week everyone!

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Mon, 02-11-2013 - 10:59am

My weekend was great! The only money I spent was a $100 snowflake toward my Citi Credit Card. ooh ooh.


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Mon, 02-11-2013 - 1:15pm

We had a good weekend.  I used $ leftover from our weekend trip for groceries & gas.  Nice shot in the arm to start Feb.  I have a busy week at work this week & have all our meals planned,using crockpot for most of it.  Made a wonderful potatoe & cauliflower soup this weekend & will have that for leftovers tonight.  I am starting to get spring fever & it is still dead of winter here -3 this morning BRRRRRR.   Tired of wearing coats & sweaters would love to lighten up with short sleeve tops.  Oh, well better just be patient. 

Have a good & frugal week!


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Mon, 02-11-2013 - 2:39pm

Wow, Bex, you're being so organized!

I got back to work, after the illness and the interviews. It was my first full week of teaching, actually. I will be formally resigning this week -- but that doesn't mean I'll officially stop working, since the resignation date is rather far off. This is a little stressful, though I'm set on leaving a very toxic environment, since I don't have a job offer in hand yet. Somehow I'm still convinced that I'll get an offer this month, so stay tuned, my companions.

Did I spend money? Well, I went out to eat twice, and ordered pizza as well. I came down with a cold, and the room spun around me for about a day. Thankfully I managed to sleep a lot, but being sick made me not want to cook. Besides, I didn't want the lean food I usually eat. For some reason I wanted fatty stuff.

I'm still trying to get my life back, after the interruption of the illness (the earlier one, not the cold this weekend) and the interviews. My bronchi aren't working well enough that I haven't been able to return to the gym. I'm going to continue feeling ungrounded until I hear about my future one way or another. I need to keep track of my money better.

On the positive side, I might have made a friend at work. And I might have made another friend... with whom I seem to have good chemistry. Too bad she lives far away. I had an awesome time talking to her, though.

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Mon, 02-11-2013 - 3:42pm

The weekend was ok.  We bought our daughter some shirts ($83), but returned some others (-$36). Dh went and picked up a few things at Sams...he didn't know that I had already bought washer fluid there last week, so I think we have enough washer fluid for the next 4 years.  lol. 

Forgot to renew some stuff at the library and had to pay $7.50 in fines (stupid!)  Borrowed a few more dvds....we will pick one to watch on Valentine's Day after the kids go to bed.  A DVD and some Bailey's on the rocks..should be a good night with my honey.

I have perfected an awesome spinach dip that dh and I used to order when we went out.  I love it when I learn how to make something we both really like.

Hopefully, this week, we will get the last thing we need to file our taxes....  I have to get dd's meds to the tune of $2,000ish this week, so we need the money!!