Accountability Aug 5, 2013

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Accountability Aug 5, 2013
Mon, 08-05-2013 - 4:27pm

Its a holiday here but I am working lol. How did you do? Was your weekend pricey or frugal? Did you stay on budget?

I bought some beer and coolers and I think that was about it. I worked Saturday in the afternoon and evening as  well so not a lot of time to spend money on things I don't need.

I have been thinking about a new house lately and all the things I will need to get into it like  a built in dishwasher, stairs to the basement, just so many things we will need that I don't especially want to put on the mortgage. I made out a budget(well a list I keep adding to) and it scares me! Not to mention all the things I dont' even know that we will need. It isn't scaring me enough to not do it, it just scares me and I hope we don't get in over our heads. If I saved forever I might have enough, but by then I will 100 years old. 

Have a great week everyone!

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Mon, 08-05-2013 - 5:44pm

About $130 at Walmart, groceries and miscellaneous.  Spent $40 on DD13 for two shirts and 2 bracelets, of which she paid for $10 out of her stash and the other $10 was her allowance.  I had a budget that day of $20, so she knew the rest would have to come out of her own money.  She didn't even balk!!  So I still only spent my original $20.00.  Did splurge at Starbucks, $8.95.

I think that was it. 

Still waiting on refinancing the house.  Been approved, waiting for the City to agree to the subordination on the 2 notes.  Shouldn't be an issue, but not sure how long the wait will be.  I think the interest is locked until October 1st. 


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Mon, 08-05-2013 - 11:45pm

We spent $172 on clothes, supplies and food. We have reorganized our home and we needed some storage tubs for the video equipment. We never really do jobs on it anymore but some of that equipment would be irreplaceable (8mm projectors and things). So we'll keep it for a while just in case. But I want it OUT of my new den/office :)

DS1 got some new clothes for school and some containers for his lunches. He is super excited about school.

I did go to Starbucks but I am cutting down a lot during the week.

I had tons of homework that I just didn't do. I have no interest in school right now. One more week to push through and I'm done with this semester. :(