Accountability Dec 10, 2012

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Accountability Dec 10, 2012
Mon, 12-10-2012 - 10:38am

How did everyone do on the weekend? Overspend? Stay within budget? Let us know.

Had a good weekend. A family get together. Spent a lot of groceries but complained about that last weekend. I have enough of the sherbert to use for another dinner I am making this coming weekend. But other than that almost all the food went. I thought there might be more left overs but no such luck!

I miss Kate and others of course. I wish more people would post!

I miss my tickers. I know one showes up but I can't change the total on it. So I will just breifly mention my progress to keep myself motivated.

My store roof loan is down to $14,001.62 I am very excited by this and have made a few flakes to it. I hope to have a few more flakes this winter but we will see.

Our truck loan started at $20,000 in August 2011 is now at around $6,100. We have made flakes to it this fall. I don't know if there will be flakes to this or not this year but the balance contines to fall with regular payments. I can't wait until it is under $5,000!

I'm not sure when I am going back to work. That will likely depend on my staff. I have been working around 6 x 4 hour shifts a month to keep my salary costs down and keep my foot in the door at the store. Most of it has been on weekends or my MIL has been babysitting here and there for me so no babysitting costs so far. I work at home also online ect a coupld hours a day and seem to be keeping up quite well. I can't believe I have been off work for 6 months so far. She is not sleeping great so this is truly a blessing and I do realize that!

We have started a savings account to buid a new house. There isn't much in it but at least it is started. I have also started an RESP(education account) for my daughter and all cash gifts she receives as well as a monthly contribution goes in there. 

So take care everyone. I thinking of you in this holiday season and hoping everyone's financial plans go just as they planned!

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Mon, 12-10-2012 - 6:02pm

Wow Karen,

That's very impressive!!  I'm especially impressed with the truck loan progress.  It just seems so easy to just make the monthly payments and not work at getting rid of it faster.  This is something I think about myself since the thought of having a car loan kind of makes me want to cry.  I'm hoping to get by for another year (or two?) with my car (which is fine) and H's 1998 Honda that already has 330,000 miles on it.  

I reached my financial goals for the year (approx $37,000 paid off since Oct 2010).  I'll start a new goal of paying off my dd's student loans by putting $2,000 monthly toward them starting next month.

As far as this week, I'm already $48 over my budget (and I'm sure I'll need some groceries still before payday).  Oh well, I have enough cushion in my checking account to cover it, but I'll need to pinch pennies next week to try to get back on track.

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Mon, 12-10-2012 - 11:17pm

Friday DS and I went to the movies to see Lincoln-$15 plus popcorn-lunch out $30, and did some clothes shopping-$31. 

Saturday we spent an unexpected $400 on a new dog (a rescue) and supplies. The vet bill today was $275. Ouch He's healthy, adjusting well, cute, playful, and our other dog is very happy to have a playmate. 

Sunday we spent no money.

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Tue, 12-11-2012 - 8:40am

Karen, it would be wonderful if you could manage the store and stay at home more, sort of on a part time basis.  I wish that for any mom. 

Good weekend...I think.  We finished the Christmas shopping and stayed pretty much on budget.  Hubby spent $50 on clothes for our grandson and promissed to give me the money back in two weeks.  So other than that I stayed right on budget.  I have money to give to our son and DIL, but unlike years in the past, I'm making them wait until Christmas.  Before I've always given it to them early for spending.  

The grocery budget was a bit high, but I'm hoping to stretch it for the full two week pay period, other than milk and a couple of items.

All in all a good weekend.  Baked the cookies for hubby's clients and he got them shipped.  That's always a dreaded chore.  Think LOTS of cookies. 

Have a great frugal week!


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Tue, 12-11-2012 - 9:26am

OMGosh!  $400unexpectedly on a puppy!!  That's a lot of money!  But I have to confess I've done the exact same thing (albeit before I joined this board - lol).  Honestly it was one of the best investments I've ever made.  And certainly the most expensive "impulse buy" I've ever had.  

A new puppy for Xmas!  I'm so jealous!

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Tue, 12-11-2012 - 9:29am

Norma - Good idea about waiting for Xmas to give the money.  It would be so frustrating if you gifted them cash only to have them blow through it on uneccessary xmas expeditures.

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Tue, 12-11-2012 - 1:37pm

The adoption fee was $200.  He came neutered with up to date vaccinations and heartworm tested.  I needed to get him a crate which was costly, new leash/collar/ martingale for walks, bed and some extra chew toys.  He's estimated to be about a year and still has a lot of puppy in him!  He wants to taste it all.  Our other dog was fostered in a home with several dogs and I think she missed the company.  We knew a 2nd was in the plans, we just didn't plan so soon.  When I saw him on the rescue web site, I knew he was the one.  Right breed, size, temperment, and size.  Housebreaking is going well, but the gifts are no longer under the tree--just in case!


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Wed, 12-12-2012 - 3:53pm

Oh my, Karen, I can't believe your DD is already almost 6 months old!!  WOW.

Good job setting up that account for her college.  I cannot over emphasize how much parents need to cut back on early age toys and put that money into college funds.  It will go so much faster than those piles of plastic you HOPE will teach them something! 

Great job on the truck loan too! 

Not such a great weekend for me, not money issues, but my dad had a heart attack on Sunday, so I took off Monday and Tuesday to be with mom in the hospital.  He is doing better, had a heart cath and they put in another stent to open the vessel, and it worked.  Both my parents would not be here without the wonders of modern heart medicine. 

Mom and I shared Chinese for dinner and she bought a lunch, so that was all the food we really had except a granola bar or yogurt.  My brother is there today, taking him home.

On the financial front I paid all our bills, owe less than $600 on my hospital bills (from the $2000 deductible.) And we got approved for the refi on our house.  It will now be 3.375% for 15 years.  We took 6 years off the mortgage, but are paying $65 more a month.  That is $11,700 more for 15 years, but it saves us $73,000 total in interest and the years off the mortgage.  Even if we move in 2 years or so, it saves us.

Paying for the holidays in cash.  Used some CCs, but as those bills come in, I am paying them off.  I paid Best Buy off right at the register and I asked the clerk if anyone had ever done that before and he said, "yes, all the time, people don't want to carry balances."

So basically the holildays have been good so far.  DH and I got each other a TV for our room, but he does not know there is another TV downstairs for our family room - a 50" I got for the entire family for less than $600.  Got DD21 her iPad2 with Retina and Wi-Fi, it was her Xmas and Bday combined gift and I did get the Black Friday deal on that.  DSS19 is getting his buck mounted - again a combined Xmas/Bday gift at $500!  Got the parental units a 32" TV, and miscellaneous tools, gifts and clothes for the In-laws they will like.  So basically we are done, within budget this year.

I did have to pay for DH's flight for a work trip I am taking where he can tag along.  That is his Bday gift for January, so done there as well.  And it gives us a 4 day vacation to sun in January.

We have all the food we need except the last fish to purchase for the holidays and one ham.

I will finish wrapping tonight, do some cookies tomorrow. 

Feeling a bit less BLUE now that the house is decorated and work is getting normalized.