Accountability Feb 24, 2014

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Accountability Feb 24, 2014
Mon, 02-24-2014 - 8:37am

Hello everyone! How was the weekend? Did you stay on buget or go over? Let us know. The coffee tastes pretty good today I must say.

I worked Friday and Saturday 2-10pm. Friday night I didn't bring enough supper to work to eat and I was so hungry because I running around, it was busy! I was so tempted to stop at Mcdonalds I was even in the parking lot smelling the grease lol. It is very close to my work. But I drove off and went home to eat  left over pizza I made. It was a good decision because....

I bought the kitchen chairs. No  tax until the end of the Feb and I found the perfect thing that matches my table. I have been waiting for about 7 years to buy 4 matching kitchen chairs, and one of  my green ones is dangerous to sit on so I plunged. We decided to wait on bar stools. The lip is not very big on the counter where they would go. Only about 6 inches. Do you even put bar stools there? What is your opinion? Duke I need help(and others of course!) Anyway  I saved money there so far mostly because I don't know what to do lol. 

I had decided to just keep my current bathroom things and put them in the new house but...they are looking so ratty. I might still do something else here but I'm not sure. I will look around for deals perhaps and go from there. I still need to get something for the small half bath. I think I have towels for it. so much to think about here. 

I am waiting anxiously to get my test mark back so I can start the next higher up course. I don't think I did as well as i wanted to but I'm sure I at least passed. It will be a couple of weeks I think. 

And I cooked the last cross rib roast from our 1/4 cow we got. OMG it was delicious. And I have plenty of left overs for sandwhiches and will make a shepherds pie with my left over home made gravy, corn, and mashed potatoes for Tuesday because I have to work evenings and they family can have it for dinner. 

Have a good week everyone!

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Mon, 02-24-2014 - 1:39pm

This was a great weekend.  Hubby & I got a lot of outdoor things accompolished thanks for wonderful Spring like weather. It was sunny, high in the mid to upper 60's but a little breezy.  Which explains the ear ache I woke up to in the middle of the night.  Oh well, it's gone this morning.  Mostly raking and hauling off leaves to the compost area. 

Although I was pooped after cleaning in the AM and working outside for six hours plus, I was tempted to ask hubby to go grab a Subway sandwich, but I refrained and fixed one of our fast home foods loaded bean burriotos.  Yesterday he baked salmon while I played in the yard a little longer.  I mananged to get a lot accompolished and even got 90% of my indoor chores done.  I still have the walk in closet and the laundry room/closet area to clean, but I also have another cold 30 days ahead so I'm sure I'll get these done be all my outside Spring chores jump into high gear. 

Great weekend.. maybe $20 spent at the grocery store, but all in all I cannot complain.

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Mon, 02-24-2014 - 5:59pm

Last week was okay, but today we got the news that we will be spending $3k on pest control. And this is not something we can put off so that will be taken from the EF (as it is an emergency!).  Unfortunately won't be getting any tax refund this year since I had to cash out a 401K last year. While I had taken out taxes, it was probably not enough in the federal taxes. But due to dh's business all we owe is $100 in Federal and we'll be getting $300 back from the state so it could have been much worse. At least part of the EF was going to be used to help pay for a car for dd once she graduates hs so we'll see. She is working too and that helps a lot. But as I was thinking earlier I may end up getting a second job for a while once she is in college. 

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Tue, 02-25-2014 - 12:05pm
Standard weekend that could have been a lot worse. Dh paid for a lot of eating out. I paid for Subway, about $26, $25 in a tire repair (again), $40 in gas, and $70 in groceries. Also had our taxes done, and will pay for those today, $75. I was fortunate in that my starter started acting up on my car on Friday. Cost for a new starter is around $130, rebuild is $45, and used junk yard part is $23. Finding a wire loose, priceless, and free. :) We also will be getting back a decent chuck in taxes, which will sustain us for a bit longer. Still searching for a job. -Jan