Accountability Jan 7, 2013

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Accountability Jan 7, 2013
Mon, 01-07-2013 - 10:41am

How did you do on the weekend? Was it frugal or did you spend more than you wanted to? Pull up a chair and a hot beve (miss Becky!) and let us know how you did!

I went on a little trip with Hubby this past week and we got back on Friday(wed to fri) so that was unplanned. Hotel was free and gas(took company truck) and hubby's meals were free. We just had to pay for my meals. It probably cost $80 including one pretty nice meal for me. Cheap for a mini vacation but again, not planned. 

We didn't do much else. $10 for kid's allowance as they helped out this weekend. I wish I had more cash for them but I didn't. I cooked a nice chicken dinner for the inlaws and have lots of left overs for today with what I made this weekend for tonight. That is really nice because today is my busy day with ordering for the store and running errands. 

Next weekend will be expensive with curling....Not really planned for either. Oh my. Life is so expensive.

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Mon, 01-07-2013 - 1:44pm

Great weekend spent at home again.  Got some inside and outside chores done.  I did not spend a dime. Hubby spent $15 on oats for the horse and I think that was about it. 

Good news, he got a raise!  First ever since he's been with this company.  It covered the 2% increase in SS taxes that had went back into place and 3% more. His net pay should increase by about $90 from last weeks check.  Now we can breathe a little better.  The 2% cut hurt!  I know it was only $44 but OUCH!  With prices on everthing going up, every little bit counts in our house.  

I have my HAPPY face on today!

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Tue, 01-08-2013 - 4:12pm

Wow, these boards are crazy...didn't think I could post but here I am ; )

We had a good week & weekend.  I volunteer as treasurer of my church so I spent 8 hrs Sat doing the books, got all of the w2's, 941 & annual reporting & monthly treasurers report all done...feels so good to be caught up.  To be honest this volunteer job takes so much time, I really think someone who is retired should take it on.  This is my 3rd & final year...the max one person can do it I am counting 2013 down.  I bought groceries after church, only spent 1/2 of my budget so got cash for the other 1/2 & put it away for a long weekend trip we are planning in Feb.  Started gathering our personal tax info as well...I think we'll break even for the year maybe get a little refund.  Hitting the gym hard again, so glad to be back into the workout groove after a few weeks off over the holidays.  I got my eyes checked at costco & got 2 complete sets of glasses for under $300.  I usually go to a local eye dr. & the last time there my glasses cost $800, so hopefully these glasses will work & will hold up.  I'm all for saving $ in that arena!! 

Have a god & frual week!


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Fri, 01-11-2013 - 12:41pm
I only spent a few bucks, but unfortunately it is because I traveled with all of my coworkers to a funeral. We are all really struggling with it, as he was young with a family and it was unexpected. You spend a lot of time with coworkers in a small office. My boss paid for everything. Motel, meals, etc.