Accountability July 15, 2013

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Accountability July 15, 2013
Sun, 07-14-2013 - 3:23pm

I don' tknow if I will have time to post tomorrow so here goes. Did you have a pricey or frugal weekend? Did it go as budgeted or get blown out of the water?

Busy with the berries here. Not all are ready but some are. 

I don't think I have spent a dime this weekend. I took one child to camp but he is a counselor and does not have to pay, they pay him. Nice, for two weeks! He says he is planning on getting a job next summer. So not out of pocket there.We have not done swimming lessons this year. The boys are 13 and 16. They showed no interest in that what so ever. And, they can swim so I am happy with that. Oh, My youngest  boy has been doing work here so we will have to pay him some allowance but not until next week.

My husband starts his new job tomorrow and I start back to work full time for 6 weeks until the store is sold. I have in home day care set up for these 6 weeks for the baby. So it will be crazy busy. He has been on holidays for two weeks and I haven 't worked full time for over a year. I suppose the laundry will get done and everyone will eat even with the time constaints. I am trying to tell myself to relax about it. I have some frozen meals and we can have brupper one night for sure. Everyone will survive.

Have a great frugal week everyone!

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Mon, 07-15-2013 - 12:09pm

Yes Karen, your family will survive for those 6 weeks.  It will be change for you, though!!

Bought some groceries on Friday night and didn't spend a dime on Saturday.  Sunday we went for a ride to the coast and I bought coffee and ice cream $8.50.  DH paid for lunch and dinner. 

Found out I qualify for the same HARP program Norma is doing.  Can lower our mortgage payment approx. $125.  If we take that $125 and put towards principal only we can cut the 30 year loan down to 15.  Otherwise we would not be saving money in the long run.  Plus it would give us a cush if our income changes.  The loan would still be just on my name.  No appraisal, just proof that I have an income.  Way less red tape than if we did a regular refinance.  Talking to my mortgage broker friend first before moving forward.


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Mon, 07-15-2013 - 2:03pm
Paws crossed!!!! I had to have an appraisal. Waiting on that to clear.
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Tue, 07-16-2013 - 10:49am

We had a good weekend, we just spent time together & did some driving around & snooping, went to Cody, WY about 45 mi from us & were tourists a little bit & enjoyed a taco salad for lunch.  We were able to pay an extra $400 on the mortgage this week, we have our mortgage with our bank & I can access it on line & pay extra by transferring $ from our checking account so I try to do this weekly to take advantage of getting the principal down & paying less in interest every week, we are almost below $24,000 owed...We are starting to plan some improvements for next year, we need to remove part of a sidewalk that is crumbling & pour some new cement.  This is day 2 for smoothie for lunch...trying to tackle 5 extra pounds I've put on...I'd rather eat a sandwich & chips but yesterday the smoothie wasn't too bad. 

Have a good & frugal week


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Thu, 07-18-2013 - 9:15pm
New job - exciting and scary times :) We have finally got our spending in check and we are back on budget. Phew. Had a very social weekend though. $25 on beer and nachos after hockey. Had a couple over for dinner $35. This weekend has begun tonight. I'm planning to have a couple of beers (left over from the couple), order a pizza for $10 and pack a picnic lunch for the beach tomm. I live 10 mins away from the beach and haven't been yet this season. Working on my tan is one of my goals this month. Dee