Accountability Mar 03, 2014

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Accountability Mar 03, 2014
Mon, 03-03-2014 - 7:53am

March already.....How did your budget go this past week? Stay on track or fall off the rails?

I did buy a new comfortor set. It was on clearance. Other than that, I worked Saturday and did some grocery shopping. Oh wait, I got the sheets and pillow cases I wanted too. I had no plans to get the sheets but they were 40% off and I have been eyeing those ones for two months now. I think they are blowing them out to bring in new ones. Nice sheets for a lot less!

I am working all days this week which is a change for me as co workers are out of town. I did some meal planning on Sunday so I have to just look on my calendar and that takes that particular stress off my plate. I will probably just need milk later this week.

Have a great week everyone.