Accountability May 6

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Accountability May 6
Sun, 05-05-2013 - 8:54pm

Hi All,

A spendy weekend here. It was BFs birthday so I got him a present and took him to dinner. It ended up being a $300 weekend (out of the gift fund). I also too mom out to dinner and spend a little bit too much. That came out of my spending money sinking fund. So all in all pretty spendy. Sigh.

Oh well. I knew May was going to be tough with Mothers day, My sisters graduation, BFs birthday (and did I mention the $400 in car maintenance I needed to do?!?) Nothing to do by keep on keeping on. The sinking funds are depleted BUT that's what they are there for!

So, here is where I stand:

Car Loan as of 04/29/2013: $5,837.86

Car Loan as of 05/06/2013: $5,837.86

Difference: $0.00

Student Loan as of 04/29/2013: $18,340.65

Student Loan as of 05/06/2013: $18,218.25

Difference: $122.40

HELOC as of 04/22/2013: $10,201.70

HELOC as of 05/06/2013: $10,125.10

Difference: $ 76.60

Total debt as of Jan 6, 2013: $38,592.31

Total debt as of April 29, 2013: $34,380.21

Total debt as of May 6, 2013: $34,181.21

Difference from last week: $199.00

Difference from start of year: $4,411.10

Goal for this week . . . get the LOC below $10k AND have a frugal week so that I can use the extra money for the weekend away (going to my sisters grad). I've paid for the hotel and my aunt is paying for the gas so it will just be food.  I'm hoping I can save at least $50 from this weeks spending money to bring with me. Ugh. Just got to make it through this week!

Bex -

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Mon, 05-06-2013 - 10:43am

We bbqed quite a bit. I did buy beer and some spirits. We should be good for awhile now. I think that was it though. I worked on Sunday. I will be working a few days in May for sure. Mostly on the weekends.

Spring has sprung here and the store business is picking up really nicely. My beer orders sure have picked up! I hope that continues!

Have a great frugal week everyone!

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Tue, 05-07-2013 - 11:36am

We had a good weekend, we BBQ'd for the family & celebrated DIL graduating college.  We gave DIL $100 for graduation, bought my dad $50 cabelas giftcard for his birthday & one for my FIL for his bday.  I've also taken care of my Mom for mothers day & bought a candle for MIL for mothersday & we'll take her out for Chinese as well.  We've been able to afford to do some yardwork, a little landscaping...tore out a flower bed & bought some big red pots & landscaping stone to replace it.  We also bought 4 new outdoor chairs.  Our $ is really freed up when my DH is back at work...he only works seasonal...however, he did ask for a raise & for parttime pay thru the winter to be at their beck & call...snow removal & the occasional burial.  They had their board meeting last night so hopefully he will find something out this week.  Never hurts to ask...We paid down the mortgage with ROTH IRA $, the mortgage balance is now $26,000...we are going to hit it hard in the coming mths & with my Christmas bonus to have it paid in full by Dec 2013!  My retirement account is at $381,000 & we have $11,300 in EF.  I can't wait to yell we are DEBT FREE!!  The weather finally started to warm up here in Northern WY, it has been one of the coldest springs I can remember.  We celebrated our 30th anniversary on May 1st, we went out to dinner on Sunday to celebrate.  

Have a good week everyone.


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Thu, 05-09-2013 - 2:56pm
Late to the party.... Kind of overwhelmed with planning our destination wedding and getting my homework done. Couldn't tell you what I spent the this week, but I do know that I am not going any deeper into debt. On a side note: Me and SO have talked about planning for our financial future. He needs a retirement plan and we need to start saving in the event that one of us can't work. Serenity
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Sat, 05-11-2013 - 4:21pm
I'm always late to the party, huh? As I said before, this is going to be a tough month. I hate car repairs, but I suppose they can't really be avoided, huh? And we had to change the withholding for fed and state taxes - which means we'll be seeing less cash monthly (but it's all a wash at the end of the year). Another $235.83 towards the LOC (Student Loans) - that leaves $16,373.05 remaining - which means we've paid $8,396.91 toward the principal this calendar year.