Accountability Nov 5, 2012

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Accountability Nov 5, 2012
Mon, 11-05-2012 - 10:18am

How did everyone do this weekend? Did you over spend or keep things in check? Let us know!

We re arranged our living room this weekend. In part to baby proof, in part for me to not go crazy because we are no where close to building a new house and I am hating this one this week. I do feel better though now that we did that. I am good for awhile. 

We didn't spend too much this weekend. I worked on Saturday for 6 hours.  I can't think of anything we spent money on. However, we need groceries badly so I will have to get those this week and now we are out of everything!

We had family for dinner, using up some bbq meat because we won't be using that for much longer. Very nice to do.

Have  a frugal week everyone!

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Tue, 11-06-2012 - 9:25pm

This is funny bc I have to make banana bread too :)

We spent exactly what I planned to spend on the w/end. Went to the 2nd hand charity store and got some new runners for DS1 for $7. I'm really happy bc he is rejecting second hand clothes (he's been using a large bag of clothes we bought from craigslist for $23 when he was 2!). He refuses to wear 2nd hand pajamas and shoes - so we compromised and got the runners and we'll have to buy his boots new.

We also got a Scrabble Jr game for $2.99 and some books.

I keep saying I'm going to try to "buy nothing" but there is just so much stuff we seem to need. I haven't had a haircut for 6 mos (and no dye since Dec - the gray is overwhelming me).


We did make $75 cash on w/end doing odd jobs so we covered almost everything.


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Tue, 11-06-2012 - 9:59am
We just made banana bread last night! It was $1.69 for a huge bunch of bananas at Costco. The baby eats them now too. making that grocery budget stretch!
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Tue, 11-06-2012 - 7:30am

It was an alright weekend.

Between weekend activities and work I wound up spending more on eating out than I wanted to.  I think it was $25 total over two days.  That HAS to stop.  Other than that I didn't spend anything so, like I said, it was alright.

I'm going to go replace our television this week though.  $200 for one, I'll be fine with that :)

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Mon, 11-05-2012 - 4:39pm

A good weekend and a good start to November. I paid 1/3 of what I want to pay on our property taxes. If I do that with DH's next 2 checks, we'll be in good shape. Also was able to buy a  plane ticket for our DD that we had not budgeted for. She'll be getting some money through a grant, so will pay us back some of that but not until December. I was really happy we had the money far...have not had to touch our savings. Who knows, though? It's a ways to our next payday (like 10 days).

Ordered pizza Friday, which was a treat but then went to a friend's Saturday (no expense there). I just bought a few groceries for the week at $70. Things are looking good for the week ahead but I do think I may need to transfer $150 out of savings, just to avoid scraping bottom.

Have a great week!


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Mon, 11-05-2012 - 3:39pm
I've been having trouble replying as well...but here I am so I'll post an update : ) We had a good weekend, frugal, BBQ burgers for DH family & drew names for Christmas we had another beautiful fall weekend. I made a batch of homemade laundry detergent, grated 2 bars of fells naptha, box of borax, large box of baking soda, tub of oxiclean, fabric softener crystals, box of washing soda...takes 1 - 2 tablespoons for 1 load of laundry. Should last me the year, I purchased my ingredients at the grocery, could have done it cheaper by going to Walmart but that is a 45 mi drive one way...I've been using Norwex, quite expensive but lasts a while but we decided it just didn't seem to be getting things clean, especially whites...I made a bunch of banana bread & put some in the freezer, we had a bunch of bananas that got old...they make the best bread! Our EF is over $4000 & mortgage under $49,000, going to try to make a dent on medical bills currently $600 & getting a handle on Christmas shopping. DIL had a list of Pampered Chef she wanted so I have that ordered. We drew names on DH's side so will have 2 presents to pick up...I agree, money is tight so trying to watch every penny, we won't spend anything now until payday on Friday. Enjoy your week. Cindylee
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Mon, 11-05-2012 - 3:04pm

Posting: Yea, it is weird today.  Hoping it means they are in the background working on everything.  I was told I wasn't authorized, but tried again and here I am!

This weekend: 

Got a free latte at Starbucks by using the store bought bags that let you turn them if for a free tall coffee.  If you ask nicely, they will let you use 2 or 3 bags and let you get something more expensive.  Carmel Brule is back!

Only about $10 on a few groceries.

The bad news:

Rig needs front brakes.  And oh, not just pads, mind you.  One rotor is toast and can't be turned.  Bearings are okay for now, but on their way out as well.  It was still safe to drive, so had them put it all back together (free since I buy my tires there) and SO talked to a friend of his and they are doing it all today for the cost of parts and a few bucks for gas and lunch.  :) 

Still looking at least $300 in parts, maybe more after they have the wheels off.  My SO is going to front this for now. (I can't even charge that much on my card if I wanted to)  I could have financed it through Les Schwab, but for double what we can do it ourselves for.   He doesn't want to enable my poor choices, but also couldn't bear to watch me finance something he knew we could do for so much cheaper. 

All and all a good weekend, though.  Volleyball, great ride on the bike, life is good.


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Mon, 11-05-2012 - 1:27pm

Funny, sometimes I can reply....sometimes I cannot.  (Scratching head.....)   

Good weekend.  We moved a lot of leaves AGAIN...with a big big help from grandson.  He's only 6, but a mighty worker with Mimi & Poppy at his side.  Oh yes, he eats like a little horse after all that work, LOL.  We probably have over 1/2 of the leaves gone. This chore will be around until at least Thanksgiving.  Then I need to go thru some rooms and see if I can make a tax deductible donations at the Goodwill store before the end of the year.  

DH only spent $31 at the grocery store.  I did not move from the hill.  I cooked all weekend so several nights of super will be left overs, which I love.

 I HATE the change from Daylight Savings time.  It's light when I leave for work, but dark when I get home.  So that means I'll be gathering eggs and feeding the horse by street light.  The dogs do not get near as much attention because it get's dark so early.  I try to make  my time special with the huskies.  We let the two others in the house some.

Money is tight, but doable.  I wish we had more.  There are things I need but alas they can wait until later.  

Have a great week!