Accountability Sept 9, 2013

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Accountability Sept 9, 2013
Mon, 09-09-2013 - 8:25am

Hello everyone,

How did your weekend go? Did you spend as planned or go way over budget. Let us know how that all went for ya!

I had $40 in my wallet and blew $51.50. How you ask? Very good question! I was at Wal Mart for milk and to "look" for sleepers for the baby. Wow is she growing! I put the milk in my cart(some for baby the homogenized, and some for the family the 2%) so I wouldn't forget and ventured over to the baby section. Breezing past there I remembered I was almost out of baby soap and they had a very large one with a pump on it. I thought, hey, that would make my bath time life so much easier so I bought it! $9.00, I didn't think that was too bad of a price. I got 3 sleepers for $12 which isn't a bad price. They are not the best sleepers in the world but they zip up and she is soooo squirmy it makes my life easier! And by the time they are going to fall apart, she grows anyway! Then I remembered my son needed drawing pencils for school for art in grade 8. I bought a set with a cool case. He can keep those pencils, or more realistically if I ask nice I might get a picture for the fridge. $16.50!!!! All taxes in and I was scrounging at the bottom of my purse to make this happen and opening a few side pockets with a line up. 

Now I ask myself....does this bother me....naaaaa I got the money and my hiding money here and there paid off! I didn't have to pull out the debit or credit card. 

I thought I did just great!! Still wondering about the pencils but did just fine! Oh and we went to a company picnic all free. We were told to take a bunch of buns and pork home so I didnt' have to cook that night, bonus!!!

Have a great week everyone!

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Mon, 09-09-2013 - 9:29am

Its amazing how you remember all the things not on your list while at the store for 2 times isn't it. LOL!

I didn't do too bad this week, though I didn't make it to the farmer's market like I had hoped.  I purchased 2 groupons on Friday for ODD and I to spend the morning together this Wednesday getting manicures and pedicures before she leaves for college Cry.  I spent about $150 on groceries and got my $20 spending money for the week out.  I need to really rework this amount, and even though I know I still put stuff on the debit card when it should just come out of my spending money, I am having a hard time increasing it mentally.  That was it for this weekend, I tried to stay in a lot so I wasn't out spending money at all.  Oh, I did spend $25 at Kohl's on Saturday for a new wallet DH asked for and a new blouse for me since i had coupons.  The oldest is leaving on Wednesday, so we are headed out to breakfast and the mani/pedis, but that's all we have planned for the week.  Oh, and DH is doing his wind tunnel thing on Tuesday evening. 

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Tue, 09-10-2013 - 1:02pm

checking in a bit late, love this board & want to keep it going strong!  We had a good weekend stayed close to home so didn't do much spending.  DH is settled into his new job & is taking next week off without pay for a pre-planned annual hunting trip.  His new employer agreed to the time off before he took the job.  He is making much more money at his new job so the week without pay will be no big deal.  That is one part of his new job that is tough for us because I've been at my job for over 28 years, I have lots of time off & now with him starting a new job he will have to wait for paid time off & get pre-approved for any time off without pay, but we are fine with it & will work around it.  Still feeling like summer here & Northern Wyoming & we are enjoying the weather & grilling out.  We've had lots of garden cucumber, tomatoes, corn & zucchini.  Going to do a pot of ministrone in the crockpot tomorrow for dinner with some french bread. 

Have a good & frugal week


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Thu, 09-12-2013 - 4:53pm

We had a quite weekend at home.  Mom & Dad visited and brought stale bread for the chickens.  I trimmed a bush and hubby mowed and mowed and bush hogged the farm, church & yard.  So nice to have him home for two weeks in a row.  He's off of Louisville, KY next week and I can't help but think of Dear MaryAnn.  I wonder if she'll be looking down on me next spring when I start putting extra bucks on the mortgage like she did hers?  I'm sure she will be there to guide me :)