Back again

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Back again
Tue, 04-23-2013 - 9:39pm

I used to lurk on here & post once in a while about a decade or so ago.   I got debt free. Made a poor career decision followed by a family emergency that made me trip back to debt.   I've been trying to snow ball for over a year and can't seem to make a dent.  What the hang up is, is medical expsenses. $60 to see the Dr and then not everything is covered. I don't have any chronic medical conditions, it's usually things from an active life stlye & having a boy - sprains, wounds that need medical attention, I had an ovary issue last fall that required surgury, etc. 

All of my disposable income is going to medical payments. I have a hospital that I have 4 different account numbers with (one for each encoutner and they won't combine), that I've been making regular pymts to  & they are threatening to send me to collections if I don't pay them off ASAP. I don't have 4k laying around and they won't negotiate.  

We don't go to the doctor for anything anymore, I can't handle the surprises. I am so sad.  I'm making more money then i have in a long time & am living like I still wait tables. I should be debt free by now.  At least $300 a month is going to health insurance out of my paycheck & it seems like that insurance covers nothing. And it seems to be par for the course in this era... I hear lots of people talking about this same thing.  I'm scrambling for ideas. I feel that if I borrow the money for the med bills that will snow ball into a larger problem since none of this medical stuff is going to change anytime soon with the new laws rolling in , making the assorted medical firms act weird.  I don't know if I shoudl just keep making the pytms that I am making ot these medical vendors and pray it'll be OK.  My credit is good & if they send me to collections the good record I've worked to create will be nada.   My car is 12+ years old with a damaged engine, I donm't know how much longer I can keep the car running. I have no savings to replace the car due to medical. If anything goes to collections that will hurt my chances of a decent car loan if needed. 

Sorry for the rant. It's frustrating.  I'm tired of being hungry & not being able to have the freedom to do what I want.                       

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Thu, 04-25-2013 - 5:05pm

Welcome back!  Boy, medical can sure be a real pain, litterally!

I am suprised the hospital won't work with you more than they are.  Is it private?  Is there any foundation available you can apply for assistance?  

I have a $1,000 deductible and when my insurance changed the way they pay, it has really kicked my butt.  So I totally feel for you there.  I am still paying for surgery and producedures from over the last (almost) 2 years.  

Well, you know the drill....

write down where every penny is going for at least one month, then go from there and see where you can cut back and/or earn more.  

Consolidated can be so, so tempting.  But you are right to be careful doing that, and usually only as a last resort.  I suppose you could do the math and see what the interest would be if you could get an affordable monthly payment.  Paying interest might be worth your sanity.  BUT.....I don't consolidate or use my CC because inevidably I will be back at the doctor or hospital, or dentist, or what have you.  

I am lucky here that pretty much as long as you send the hospital something consistently, they leave you alone.  Miss one payment though and you are off to collections.  But I guess you would consider our hopital public, as they don't turn anyone away.  

Please, please stick around!!  I can't say  my debt is any lower than it was when I came here, but it has helped me to make better decisions and quit digging!  Hugs...